Wool of the Andes From KnitPicks

For those who have purchased this yarn, what does it feel like? I am thinking about purchasing some.


Gosh, that’s hard to say, since it’s so subjective. I like it…I think it feels relatively soft. On the other hand, if I hold it up to my face, it is a bit itchy, like ALL wool is to me. If you want, I could put a little length of yarn in the mail to you so that you could see for yourself before you buy. Or perhaps the company will do that and then you could see the color you want. I only have gray.

That’s what I expect it to feel like, what Kimmie says. I just ordered a bunch (don’t have it yet). I can tell you the wool is a cross between Merino (soft) and Corriedale (sturdy, and less soft).

I can’t wait to get my order! I’m going to make my new knitting bag out of it–felted. And of course I ordered yarn for about 4 other projects, lots of different types; couldn’t resist!

I also ordered Sweater Wizard software. I’m in knitterly heaven!


Im gonna revive this old post…

I got my Wool of the Andes in the mail today & I must say Im a smidgen disappointed…

The fiber itself is FINE, in fact, its soft and nicey-nice!

But the colors are not what I expected. The pics online made me think they were a little “heathery”. They are not.

I ordered coal and mist for DH’s Fibertrends slippers. The coal is BLACK, not a dark heather charcoal gray like I pictured, and the Mist is just a steel gray…not heathery at all. I suppose when I felt them, the “fuzziness” may make them look different, or at least I hope so…

Also, I ordered the Evergreen for my slippers. This is a very MATTE color. The Snickerdoodle is the only color that is as I expected.

I ordered two different colours and made a booga bag out of it. I ordered the cherry blossom and the carrot colours and they were exactly how I expected. I don’t know about the ‘feel’ because it was my first time knitting with 100% wool, but overall I liked it and it felted beautifully. The only issue I had was that the two balls of cherry blossom, when they arrived, looked VERY noticeably smaller than the two balls of carrot. I thought maybe it was how they were wound so I re-wound one ball of each colour into a regular ball and still the pink was noticeably less. So I called the 800# and without question they sent off another ball of the cherry blossom at no charge. Sooooo, fabulous customer service which I was really happy with, but later when I inspected the yarn a bit closer the cherry blossom looked a bit thinner than the carrot, though they were marked as identical.

Slight disappointment but overall a great purchase and wonderful service.


I am happy with the colors I got, although they weren’t all identical to the image on my screen. I think this is unavoidable with monitor variations, etc. I asked them if they have sample cards of their yarns for sale, that a person could order to have a better idea of their selection. They replied that they will soon have sample cards available! That’s definitely the way to go, I’d say, to get sample cards of all the lines you might order.

Until then, here’s what I got, and my experience with color accuracy. They are all, indeed, solid, matt colors. No heathering at all, so don’t expect that. The only suprises I got were in how my monitor interpreted the purple range.

maple syrup
mulled wine*

*These were the ones that where the purple was innacurate on my monitor:

Hyacinth is definitely purple. Bluish purple, for sure, but not the pure royal blue it appeared on my monitor

Hollyberry is a beautiful deep red, more like the cranberry appeared on my monitor. On my monitor the hollyberry appears more purplish wine-colored, but it has little if any hint of purple in it.

Mulled wine on my monitor appears like a bright lilac purple. In reality it’s what I would call a classic mauve or rose color. A dusty pink.

OK - Im gonna go ahead & say that any yarn we order from knitpicks is going to be ALOT LESS MUTED than what it appears on the screen.

The Tomato Wool O.T. Andes I received today is BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT red

The Apricot Shine (feels WONDERFULLY soft!) is a much brighter “light orange”, as well.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: it…have LOTS & LOTS MORE of it, standing by for projects to be done with it…it’s quite soft, making a comfy afghan with it now…have felted with it & it did great…no complaints. My goodness, my DH claims I have a knitting store of KP yarns in just a couple of closet areas