Wool of the Andes Color Advice

Would someone who has the wool of the andes color cards please give me some advice? I am wanting to make some Fiber Trends Felt Clogs as Christmas gifts and it makes me nervous trusting the colors on the computer screen.

For my mother I was thinking of using cranberry, or if there is a turquoise color (doesn’t appear to be) that would be good. And I need suggestions for the 2nd color.

My niece likes greens or she would really like a periwinkle color.

I appreciate any suggestions, and I plan on order my own color cards as soon as they get them back in stock.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Wow…that’s weird, someone else just asked about the colors in the general forum! :teehee:

Cranberry is a beautiful deep red. I made a bag out of cranberry and fern and it was beautiful!

Oh sorry. I didn’t see that posting. Thank you for responding. I’d love to see your bag if you have it posted somewhere.

Thanks again for responding,

Opinions please… Do you think if I took one strand of WOTA Chambray and one strand of Hush, that I would come out with a nice Periwinkle color for the top of a pair of clogs. Then I could use maybe Hyacinth (except that may be too much contrast) or Arctic Pool for the soles and band around the opening?

And then is Blueberry a bright teal color? Maybe I could do Blueberry with Mist soles and go find some specialty thread for the border opening?

If this isn’t easier with the catalog, I may have to fork over the extra $$ and buy from my LYS. I am agonizing over these color choices! I need color cards!

Thanks for your help!

Blueberry isn’t a teal at all. It’s a slightly desaturated blue, a little on the dark side but not near a navy or anything like that either.

Thanks… I wish I had color cards!

You can order them I think from KP.

Here’s my bag, but the color is slightly off. Red is difficult to photograph.:wink:


Your bag is really pretty! I will definitely remember your color combinations. I know KnitPicks has the color cards on their website, but they won’t have any in stock until sometime in October. Oh well I will hope for the best!

Stream is a teal-ish color that leans toward the blue. think of teal plus added blue. the clogs on the right have Stream soles and cuffs.

Spruce is what I consider to be teal. here are soles and cuffs in Spruce. the Spruce on the color card is the same level of greeny-bluish as the pic, but slightly darker than the pic.

I’m looking at my color card. if I were to pick one that’s “teal”, I’d pick Spruce.
there is no true turquoise - the closest are Blueberry and Stream - both being darker than a real turquoise, but both containing a blend of blue and green.

sorry for the verbose post. am taking a break from work. hth. :slight_smile:

Jan, what bag pattern is that? I love the way the straps aren’t knotted like the booga.

It’s from magazine so I can’t share it. I’ve asked twice now about sharing something from a magazine and they said no. Even if it’s no longer available. :hair:

However, it was really easy. It was just a large rectangle knit flat and then seamed up the sides. I made the bottom flat by folding in the points on the bottom and sewing them before felting. The handle is just an i-cord and a little flat piece on the ends. I sew them after it was felted using invisible thread. I can’t find the magazine right now unfortunately.


Thank you for help! I like how both of your clogs turned out. Is that hollyberry with the spruce? So Christmasy looking. I have a SIL who counts down to Christmas all year long. I think she may get a pair just like those (if I can pull all these off!)

I appreciate the color descriptions. That really helps since I can’t order the cards yet. I did place my order tonight! There’s yarn for:

Coal with Mist (yuck) for my son. I get to learn to needle felt his school’s logo on the toe in Wheat (which I hope is a gold color)

Cranberry with Mist for my sister.

Iris Heather and Lake Ice Heather (maybe) with Arctic Pool Heather. Don’t judge… I don’t have color cards remember!

If I knew where my smileys had gone I would show that I am really excited about starting these!

Thanks again!

:hug: you’re welcome. :heart:

in my first pic, the clogs on the right are Mulled Wine and Stream.
in my second pic, the colors are Mist and Spruce.