Wool keeps coming apart

Hi I hope someone will be able to help!! So I decided that I was going to knit my baby’s baptism shawl, haven’t knit in ages & just started crocheting while I was pregnant!! Anyway, I have a lovely pattern but every time I k2tog or p2tog or psso the wool seems to split. The pattern says 3ply but the girl in the shop suggested 4ply, could that be the cause or is it me? I practised using DK & I didn’t have any problems. Any tips or advice greatly appreciated!! TIA

What yarn is it? Ply isn’t a useful measure it’s better to go with gauge/tension.

Some yarns are just splitty. It has to do with the way it’s spun and plied.

Google tells me that 3 ply yarn is the same as US light fingering and 4 ply is the same as our worsted. When you switched yarns did you also switch to larger needles? If you’re trying to work the 4 ply/worsted on the same needles called for in the pattern for 3 ply/light fingering then that could be the problem.

What pattern are you doing? If you can link to it or tell us the name of the pattern and the designer it might be helpful

Thanks for coming back!! I used 3.25mm needles with the 2 different types of wool. The wool I was using for the blanket is baby 4ply wondersoft by stylecraft. It’s lovely wool but it just seems to split. The pattern is Wondersoft 3plt 9392 grill edge shawl


The yarn I’m using for one project is splitting, but not the other project. Other than the plying/spinning issue it could be the way you knit. But since your other project was fine I suspect the yarn.

I’m using some Opal XL right now that was splitting like crazy. I tried working from the other end and a lot of the splitting problem went away. The only reason I notice it now is because I’m making socks and using sz. 2 needles with a light worsted weight yarn. All that to suggest you might try working with the other end of the yarn, from the outside if you started in the middle or vice versa.

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Thanks ladies. I bought different wool today, fingers crossed the new wool doesn’t split!!

Report back please and let us know how it goes. Which wool did you buy?

I new wool I bought did the same :frowning:️ So I did as GrumpyGramma suggested & started from the other end & that seemed to work. Thanks everyone!!


:point_up_2:Yay! Glad I could help. I remembered reading that there is a “right” way to use the yarn. The first time I noticed the problem was with a cotton/acrylic with metallic thread. My Opal sock yarn still wants to split some but as I said I’m using small needles for it. From now on I intend to run my yarn between my fingers to see which direction is rougher, if either.

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I have started checking on Ravelry before I purchase a yarn that I have not used before. Stopped me from buying yarn on sale twice.

I hope you don’t mind me asking another question to my previous one!! I have plenty of 4ply wool from a previous knit, but my new pattern says DK with 4mm needles. Is it ok to use the 4ply with the 4mm needles or would it be better to use smaller needles to make the holes (that are supposed to be there!) look nicer? I have started & am unsure that the finished project will look nice. It’s another blanket, so I can always increase the set to increase the length. Thanks in advance!!

We really need to know where you are so we can interpret 4-ply and dk correctly. In the US we use different terms from the UK and Australia and probably other places too. For me dk yarn is lighter than worsted weight and I’m thinking that 4-ply is fingering.

I posted a link for her above about why ply isn’t useful anymore in most cases.

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I remember seeing that link. Then I missed it. lol