Wool imposter!

Not sure if this is in the right place, but I couldn’t see a ‘yarn’ section.

I recently went to Estonia for a short trip, and accidentally :wink: bought some wool. I got 6 balls of 3 different colours. 4 of the balls are regular, if slightly coarse wool, but the other stuff is in flat skeins. It is a lovely dark blue, and I thought I might attempt to knit a felted bag with it. So, last night, I got my needles and wool out, and pulled the loose end to begin knitting. It came off in my hand. :shock: I tried again, but the same thing happened.

So, my question is, what have I bought? I don’t have a photo of the offending item (but I can get one if necessary), but it basically looks like regular 100% wool, except that if you try to use it, it disintegrates into fluffy tufts (not ideal).


Is it really fluffy-and not twisted or anything? If so, it may be roving. (Stuff spinners use)

Otherwise I would need to see a pic… but roving wa the first thing that popped into my mind.

No, it’s not like that - it looks the same thickness as regular yarn, only coarser. I’ll get a photo and post it.

What do you mean it came off in your hand? It came apart or it fell of the needles? :??

It didn’t make it to the needles. I was pulling the yarn to get enough to start casting on, and the wool ‘broke’. I tried again, in case it was just a weak bit of yarn, and it happened again. You couldn’t knit with it.

I’ll go and take a photo later on.

can you give the brand or anything about the yarn? maybe we can look it up.

There is no brand on the yarn, but I typed what it says into Google, and found a website. I think it may be pre-yarn - I don’t know what this is, but it doesn’t sound good. :doh:

Peev: Put that thing in a ziploc baggy ASAP. You may have moth damage. If that’s the case, you don’t want the little boogers spreading to the rest of your yarn.

Really? :shock: It might be too late, as it’s been nestling in a bag with other balls of yarn for a couple of weeks now. :pout:

Eek Moths :shock: ?! Did you buy it in a LYS?

It was in a yarn shop in Estonia. :verysad:

i don’t know i still think it looks sort of like a roving, basically reeeeeally unspun yarn. :??

I bought bad quality yarn before and it would also break in my hand. Not to that extent, but it was unusable for knitting. :shrug: I really don’t think it was a moth problem in my case.

It looks like roving to me too.

It’s just “Pencil Roving”. :slight_smile:

It’s ready to be spun with no drafting. If you’ve ever thought about spinning, get a drop spindle and spin that stuff up asap!

So if it is roving, it’s something to do with spinning then? I already know I can’t knit with it as is, so I’d probably try to sell it on Ebay (just so I don’t waste it).

ETA: A drop spindle? That would be one of those wooden spinning top type things? I guess I could give that a try. :thinking:

You actually CAN knit with roving, it just takes a much gentler hand than with yarn, such as slowly unwind a length instead of pulling on it.

I bet that’d take ages to knit up though, and I’m a slow knitter to start off with. :mrgreen: I might give it a go at some point though - maybe a nice lacy scarf/shawl? I wonder if it stays so fragile once it’s been knit - wouldn’t want my labour of love to break in two the first time I wore it. :pout:

Thanks for all the replies everyone. :thumbsup: I shall never, ever impulse buy wool again [size=1]until the next time.[/size] :smiley:

Whew! Glad to be wrong about that one!

you could try needle felting
its cool, fun, and can be SO lovely

Like I need another crafting hobby