Wool for felting?

I know that noro kureyon is a good one for felting, and have a nice little stash!! but have a project in mind that may require a large quantity of wool which would work out expensive, what other wool felts well??

I like Cascade 220. I’m knitting up a bag to full right now with it. [color=indigo][/color] xxx

Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks is an inexpensive, very feltable wool.

Ashford Tekapo felts nicely also, but Cascade is probably my favorite.

I have used Cascade and WOTA, I think Cascade is a nicer softer wool in general, but WOTA felted much more easily and quickly for me.

id like to buy some wota but the site i found that sells it knit picks i think dont do international delivery and im in london england!

I heard that lambs pride bulky is really good for felting. I’ve never tried it, but the lady at this knitting store said it looks lovely felted.

Hi babystyles … whereabouts in London are you?

As for the WOTA … you just need to get friendly with these lovely ladies on here and get an intermediary (someone who will receive the order and post it on to you … My sister and I are the proud owners of 98 balls of WOTA!!!

As for UK wool - try Twilleys - I think you can get some from Angel Yarns :thumbsup:

hi there im in south west london, wow thats a lot of wool you have!! i must admit though i have a massive stash of allsorts!!!
Thanks for the advice ill go have a look

Hi. I just felted some slippers made with lopi lite. It is a little more expensive than wota, but not much. It felted up nicely and easily, but it is a bit fuzzy. Maybe some of the yarns on ebay?


I would def go with Lamb’s (however usually you would have to use two strands as it is abit thin)

Any kind of Lopi would be great especially the Alafoss Lopi…you’d only need one strand using this.

Best of luck…Oh i love to felt!!!