Anyone else have problems with using this yarn? I’ve been handling other wool yarns perfectly fine, but whenever I try to knit with this one, it makes my fingers burn??

I wonder if its the little hairs sticking off of it?

I don’t use it much, but I haven’t had any trouble. Wools and rough wool yarns are tough on my hand in general though.

I don’t have a problem with it either, but everyone has a different level of sensitivity to various fibers.

I’ve used Wool-Ease in a number of projects and don’t have any bad reaction to it, though it does tend to pill.

Oh, good, it isn’t just me. Wool-Ease just doesn’t behave for me. It tends to break a lot while I’m handling it, and I knit really loose. It doesn’t bother my hands, and when it’s in one piece it looks nice, but I don’t go out of my way to buy it.

My massage therapist thought I had ring worm on my hands! I was using Wool Ease for a project, and it causes blister like things.

My husband looks at me and says, “Your so special.” I can only use the expensive wools, nothing on the cheap to work with, and can’t wear wool myself.

Hhaha… I wonder if hubby would let me get away with that as an excuse to buy more yarn? :roflhard:

I knitted a sweater with the raspberry wool-ease & never had a problem. Do you think you could be allergic?

I’m not sure… its weird, because I can use other types of wool and I’ve not had any issues… its just this wool. If it was a wool allergy, it would be happening whenever I use any other yarn that contains the same wool, right?

Could be something in certain color dyes you’re allergic to, not the wool itself.

Too lazy to check it out, but isn’t it mostly acrylic?

Wow, BMay33: I had a reaction to Wool-Ease also. It was a recurring rash that wouldn’t go away and my dr. said it was eczema. I stopped working on the project and the rash went away. I toyed with the idea it might be the yarn and your post confirms it may have been. Who knew?

Yes, it’s about 80% acrylic/20% wool. Some people can’t knit with any amount of wool at all, but as I mentioned, it could be the dye because she can use other colors.

I, too, am sensitive to wools. I have found the safest for me to work with is the Cascade 220. It has become my favorite yarn!:aww:

:noway: Really? Can you wear it? It’s way too itchy for me. I can knit with any wool though, just can’t wear it. The toughest thing on my hands to knit is RHSS.

I have used it and had no problems- but I only used the natural color (which is probably dyed anyway) - not sure if it might be the dye. Wool doesn’t bother me though.