Wool-ease yarn shrinkage

Does wool ease shrink any? about how much?

Woolease is 75% acrylic, so I wouldn’t expect it to shrink at all. I’ve made sweaters from Encore, which has the same ration of acrylic to wool, and have never had a problem with shrinkage.

My mind went the wrong direction with the use of “Shrinkage” :devil: :roflhard:

sorry had to share :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess if the yarn got cold :??

I erased and retyped shrinkage several times. I decided to go with it. I guess watching Seinfeld is a requirement to be up on cultural knowledge! I wonder how many phrases they’ve added to the American language?


I just did my trademark gaffaw and my hubby has decided that I lost it. Laughing about yarn shrinkage

oh Ingrid, I’m afraid we could devote an entire thread to just that topic…


But we’re not laughing about yarn shrinkage, now, are we? :rofling:


we aren’t? :hiding:


Poor mangiano asks a legitimate question about Woolease and look what a debauchery we’ve turned it into!

Sorry! :smiley:

I am such a bad influence on you poor innocent women. sigh I shall go sit in my corner and knit as punishment

hey, who you calling innocent?! :?eyebrow:

Some punishment. :rollseyes: :lol:

Well…I guess if you were knitting with barbed-wire it would be pretty awful.

Some of the stuff that’s gone on here before proves that we were corrupted long before you joined the club! You’ll fit right in! :wink:

okay then. You mind if I still carry out my punishment though? minus the barbed wire of course.

Just this once!

Im thinking the offense would have to be PREEEETY serious before we’d deny anyone here their knitting! I mean, like, they would have to BURN DOWN AN LYS or something! :shock:

:shock: :crying: :shock: WHO would do such a thing?!?!?!?!

Kelly, bite your tongue :shock:

That’s what Im saying!!! It would have to be the UNTHINKABLE!