Wool Ease Sportweight

Please, please, please, look through your stashed for some:

Green Heather 130 dye lot 29082 Wool Ease Sportweight

I’ve lost my last 2 balls and have 1.5 sleeves to do yet of a fingertip swing coat!!! :wall:

At this point I don’t care it the dye lots match.

One ball will prob’ly do it, but I’d love to have 2. I’ll take any number you have.

I’ll pay.

I’ll swap.

I’ll jump off a mountain if that’s your wish!!!

Thanx people!


I have one ball, dye lot #27712. Will that work?


Thanx!! I’ll take anything I can get!! Let’s talk!!! going to blog right now and sending you an email OK?

And to anyone else out there that is looking…keep looking please I’m going to get as much of this stuff as I can!