Wool Dilemma

Hello kind people. I have just bought a lovely childs sweater pattern on Estsy and downloaded it. Having done that, I’ve now discovered the Patons wool is discontinued. Aaaagh. It’s called Patons Valencia brushed double knitting. I can’t find it anywhere. Would you recommend trying random dk wool in swatches for the correct tension?

Thank you.



The info on ravelry gives the gauge and content. You could look for a similar content in another patons or another brand of dk yarn. Or I just choose whatever yarn I want (but would stick to dk for a dk pattern) as a gauge swatch is needed before knitting anyway if you want to make the right size.
When doing a gauge swatch it’s a good idea to wash or block the swatch to see the end result and measure accurately.

Thank you so much, with that information on Ravelry I can find a close match.


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Lots of people find Yarnsub very helpful.


Thank you, what a useful site. I’ve shared with a friend. :blush:

I couldn’t find this particular yarn on yarnsub… although that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Yarnsub is very good usually.

Thank you, maybe it was discontinued years ago.

:slightly_frowning_face: I didn’t think to check. Maybe the link might be useful in the future.

I found some in a peach color on Etsy. You might try googling the yarn.

Stashes on Ravelry are also worth a try. Click on “Stashes” from the yarn page. Even ones listed as Not for Sale may be available as that is the default.

Oh thanks very much. I’ll have a look now.

I also use Yarnsub. It seems to do a good job of comparing and rating the compatibility of other brands of yarn.