Wool conversions

I have a pattern to knit but is says Super Chunky which I think is 12 ply in Australia and 470yards of wool how do i work out how many 50grm balls that is as I don’t have a clue :knitting

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It’s difficult to say. Yarns vary in weight (grams, oz) even within a class. Super Chunky can be 40-100yds or more per 100gr ball depending on the yarn. Since most yarn tells you the yardage on the ball band, can’t you use that to figure out how much yarn to buy?
What pattern are you following?

Also it helps if you tell us what yarn you want to use as well as the brand and weight of yarn they suggest. A pattern is very helpful.

There are thousands of yarns an patterns so it’s easier than guessing. :wink:

thanks alot the pattern is an Azel Pullover yarn is Super bulky weight and for size I need 470 470 yrds

OK, you’ll need 470 yds. Does the yarn you want to use not give yardage?
If you need to estimate yardage for a different weight yarn, you can use a converter like this one since the pullover is fairly rectangular:
You’ll need to knit a swatch to do the estimate.

Cute design.

thanks a lot will muddle through we don’t use yards here just so many balls of wool will look on label of wool it may say