I finally got a new computer! My old one was over 10 yrs old and I couldn’t even update anything like iTunes. So we decided to get DH and I each a laptop instead of a desktop this time around. We got DH a Toshiba Chromebook because that’s all he needed. I got a Dell Inspiron 13- 2 in 1 with a solid state drive and touch screen. It’s so much nicer to type on here than on my iPad! :cheering:

I love the touch screen, too. Ten years old is pretty amazing, Jan.

That is indeed woohoo-worthy! I hope you get another ten years out of this one :slight_smile:


do you find yourself spending more time on your computer now? I’m thinking of exchanging my tiny monitor for something bigger, and then I can ditch my old TV and dvd player.

gotta keep up with all this new technology.

I do when I’m going to be inputting more text like here in the forum or emails for sure. We won’t give up our TV because it’s still nicer to watch movies and shows on a larger screen.

thank you sir