Woohoo! yippeeeee!

OMG!! I just discovered AC Moore on the internet! (just color me slow) They are having a yarn sale (25% off) and I just ordered 11 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Brites and some Red Heart for the “Squares of Many Colors” project. I can’t find this yarn cheaper than $1.41/skein in my neck 'o the woods so this was a huge find for me since my knitting budget is so limited. :woohoo:

Mumsy and I went to the local Goodwill store on Saturday and I spotted a bag full of baby yarn for $1.99. Nobody dared get in my way as I snatched that up! :roflhard: More preemies will now get new hats! :cheering:


I don’t think you need to be “colored slow”. Their online store is new.

This could spell disaster for my budget!
Seriously, thanks for posting.
We don’t have that store here & I’ve heard good things about it.
Karen G
in GA

What are their shipping costs like?

From New York to St. Louis via UPS was $7 and some change. I always prefer UPS over the mail and I thought the rate was pretty darn reasonable.

Great Deal! :thumbsup: