Woohoo! I dropped a stitch

several rows back and I’m just noticing it. Up to now I’ve just been unraveling and trying again. This time I watched the run down video and fixed it up so easily.

Once again, Amy’s videos saved me!

Congratulations Twiggyann!

What at first seems like a nightmare is really not all that bad…it’s actually pretty easy, once you know how to fix it…in your case, with a little help from Amy’s video. :slight_smile: Good for you!!!

Since I came to this site knowing beforehand how to fix it, I haven’t seen the helpful video’s on the topic. I’d imagine Amy shows you how to fix it with a knitting needle…and perhaps a crochet hook too. :slight_smile: I like to use a crochet hook myself…seems to make the job go a little faster for me.

Her videos show with the knitting needles if the dropped stitch is found right away but with the crochet hook for past rows. I can’t believe how simple it was!