WooHoo I am Happy!

I just got notification that one of seven bills has now been paid off. I am soooooo happy. The better news is that two more bills will be paid off in the next two to three months.

I paid off my student loan yesterday. Now six bills left. 2008 is the year we will pay off or down most of our bills. I am so excited.


:woot: Congrats!:cheering:

:woot: YAY!!

Good for you!!:yay:

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woot: :woot:

:yay: Doesn’t that feel good! More yarn!

We just made the last payment on our house and now we can concentrate on paying off the credit card!

Great job, Jan in CA. Instead of yarn, I will be paying more bills. I just love Dave Ramsey. Thank you to all for your congrats. Sharing the news with a 2 and 1 yo does not make me as happy, simply because they have no clue what mommy is talking about. Anyone else paying off bills? Do I have people to celebrate with? Show of hands.