Woobie questions

I have seen some of the adorable Woobies that some of you have posted in the what’cha Knittin’ forum. I am thinking about making one of these as a gift for a co-worker who recently had a baby. I haven’t purchased the pattern yet, but I went to Ravelry and looked at the different designs. It looks like a fun pattern to knit, but I have a couple of questions.

First, I noticed that the size of the blanket is about 14" square. I am guessing that the Woobie would be used at the toddler stage. Is 14" a little small for a toddler’s blanket? Should I make it a little larger? Maybe use worsted weight yarn?

Second, does this project knit up pretty quickly?

Thank you!

If it’s that small, it’s probably to be used as a ‘lovey’, a comfort blanket, rather than one that would cover the child.

It’s not a blanket. It’s a lovey…some kids drag around a full size blanket so this is a small combination of a blanket and stuffed toy. It’s can be used by babies, but most likely from a year up.

It was not hard and the pattern is written very well. I got the zebra and liked it so much I ended up buying the ebook. Well worth the price IMO.

Yep, that zebra was really cute!

I had never seen these until I saw yours and others posted. They are just adorable! Thanks for the information. I think it will be hard to decide which design to choose. I can see why you decided to purchase the book!

I knitted my woobies out of Caron Simply Soft, what I would call a light worsted weight, using size 4 needles, and they turned out to be 18" square, which is a good size. I am finishing up my 5th one now, and have enjoyed doing them. I have been using Caron S S for lots of children’s sweaters, afghans, etc. and had enough left-overs for 3 of the woobies.

I tried a couple yarns in different weights and wasn’t happy with them. It isn’t a blanket so I didn’t want it blanket sized. I ended up buying the yarn suggested (superwash Cascade 220 sport) and loved working with it and it washed up beautifully. Blocked well, too.

Did you wash your zebra in the washing machine? Or by hand?

Superwash can be washed in the machine; usually you have to put it in the dryer to ‘shrink’ it back to the knit size, otherwise it stretches out a lot.

Oh gosh…I don’t remember for sure, but I think I machine washed it and put it in the dryer, but I use a laundry bag most likely. I have more yarn for another one so I’ll keep better track then.

I then decided to block it because I felt it needed it. I wet blocked it by spraying the parts I wanted blocked and then pinned them on a KP blocking board.

I haven’t washed, or blocked any of my woobies, and they look fine. I might mention that these woobies are for my DGC’s (for Christmas), and their ages (by Christmas) will be 2 to 9 years old. So they are not infants. That is one reason the bigger size is fine. Also, even the 9-yr-old will love her woobie (the zebra). Her last birthday party had a jungle theme.

I’m sure they do love them! They’re beautiful.

Mine looked fine pre-blocking, but it looked even better when it was blocked. Might be the difference in yarns, the way we knit or just different expectations. Since it was a baby shore gift I decided to give it a try and was quite happy with the results.

Thanks for providing the dimensions for the Woobie using worsted weight yarn. I was curious to know approximately what the size difference would be.

You’re welcome!

If you have any questions, I will be glad to help. After all, I am working on my sixth one now!


lol. I’m glad you explained it because I had no idea what that meant. :slight_smile:

I’ve always heard those called security blankets.

The regular blankets that get carried around are usually called that, but these cute ones are often called loveys or woobies.