Woobie Progress

Here is a photo of my Woobie so far. Thanks to all of you who provided suggestions. I am wondering if standard wrap-and-turns might work for the short rows used to shape the head? I never figured out exactly how to close the holes using the method in the pattern. The pattern doesn’t have you wrap before turning. Instead, you turn and then slip a stitch. There is a note to pick up one leg from the stitch below and knit it with the next stitch on the needle. The stitch after the slipped stitch? I had to do some fiddling in order to close the holes.

I don’t remember how I did mine. :?? There is a Ravelry group called Knifty Red Designs Group. Go to the discussion page and type in wrap and turn. I know this question or similar was asked.

That’s going to be adorable. I love the color combination.
You might try the German short row method, which I learned from this forum, for doing the short rows. It seems so much easier to me and much less likely to leave holes.

You’re almost done! It will be so adorable.

Nice job. Looks like your woobie is having brain surgery! :wink:

Wow! You’re almost finished with the knitting part! It looks great.


Thank you! I’ll take a look at it. I haven’t heard of the German method.

I was thinking the same thing! :roflhard:

I swear, your stitches are soooo perfect! The FO is great, too!