I have been commissioned to crochet / knit snoods for a Reproduction Vintage clothing store!!!

I’m so excited!


I can add a $ to my knitters geek code!!!

How COOL!! Congrats!!

That’s AWESOME news! More yarn moolah!!


:cheering: :thumbsup:

That is so awesome! CONGRATULATIONS :cheering: :cheering:

Remember, always have fun…don’t let it become a “job”.


Your gonna be famous. This is wonderful. Whats your designer name??


I haven’t thought about it… :smiley:

Anyone got any suggestions??

How about just…

[size=7]TIA[/size] :sunglasses:

And, you should ALWAYS wear sunglasses. :thumbsup:

I’m not a big sunglass person… my specs get in the way … LOL


Tia … doesn’t take up much space on a tag, does it?? :wink: