Woo! Lion Brand!

Hi all!

I know they’re a cheap brand, but that was what I was looking for - in the UK we have a severe shortage of cheap yarn that isn’t in baby colours - I want blacks, purples, bright blues etc. I’m allergic to wool and other animal fibres so needed good acrylics or other types of yarn. I had previously thought of importing lion brand yarn to see what it was like, but the customs charges I’ve been hit with before made me think twice - they’re not worth paying for cheap yarn.

Then, thanks to the wonders of Ravelry, I found there’s a UK online supplier and ordered a few samples - so today I got in the mail
-one ball of chunky Jiffy in Chilli (deep red colour), which I love - I’d been looking for a soft fuzzy mohair like yarn for ages.

  • one ball of chenille thick and quick, in a gorgeous deep teal colour, but it’s a little hard so I think I’ll use it for something homebased rather than clothing

  • one ball of deep blue glitterspun - another love - it’s soft and nowhere near as scratchy as the UK equivalents, and it sparkles beautifully

  • one ball of black Tiffany - I actually can’t get over how soft it is, I just keep touching it. Unfortunately, it’s an eyelash type yarn so not something I’d really wear, but I think I’m going to make a really touchy-feely cushion cover with it…

and my favourite! - one ball of purple microspun, oh god how I love this stuff. It’s soft and smooshy and has a lovely sheen and I’m so impressed.

So, there we go - not luxury yarns by any means, but I’m on disability benefits so need decent cheap yarns. I’m very happy with my purchases :slight_smile:


yay! i’m holding a ball of purple microspun as i type…it doesn’t look like alot in the skeinish/ball.

Congratulations on your new find! Enjoy them!

Personally, I love Lion Brand yarn and use it for most of my projects. It’s inexpensive, yes, but not cheap. I hope you enjoy using it. The cotton is also very nice for socks and dishcloths and summer sweaters. Their website has a lot of great patterns as well.

and my favourite! - one ball of purple microspun, oh god how I love this stuff. It’s soft and smooshy and has a lovely sheen and I’m so impressed.

I used one skein of purple Microspun to knit an eye shade, attached a strip of black elastic, and I wear it every night to help me sleep. It’s wonderfully soft and comfy on my face!

I learned to knit using Lion Brand yarns, and even though I have a lot of other “fancier” yarns in my stash now, I’ll still grab LB Suede, Fettuccini, and Wool-Ease given a chance.

I love lionbrand! its got good yarns that aren’t expensive and some are devilishly SOFT!

Fi, you live in Scotland and there’s no wool? Amazing how things change. I bought some lovely stuff from there in the 70’s.

I am glad that you were able to get some fibers you can work with.

Yea! Congrats on your find! I love Lion Brand as well. Sure, the more expensive stuff is fabulous, but Lion Brand is great for every day projects. And the diversity is great! Enjoy!!! :woohoo:

Also, ebay tends to have a great selction of lion brand yarn (as well as others) - check them out on www.lionbrand.com to get a better look before you bid though.

That Tiffany yarn, it’s actually quite stretchy and you get a lot of mileage out of that itty bitty little ball of yarn. :thumbsup:

I have bought the microspun to use on the baby charity blankets and although acrylic yarn is not my favorite, I love the Lion Brand Microspun very nice and soft. I do also have in my possession on ball on purple. I will definitely use this for myself.

Where did you get it from Willowangel? Link please? :flirt:

got mine from www.banyantreeyarns.com. very good service had the yarn within two days of ordering it.

Is it posted from the UK then?

Check out the shipping from this place

I also got mine from banyantree - they were very fast and very good :slight_smile: I’m trying to work out if I can justify buying more microspun to work with :wink:

DQ yes banyantree is in the UK

Love the Tiffany:muah: strand it with the Lionbrand cashmere blend and make yourself a wonderfully soft scarf and hat set!. You’ll be finding excuses to wear them! Mary

Ooh - that sounds good, I can’t wear cashmere, but I have lots of random silks lying around…

There are a lot of sellers from the UK that sell LB and other yarns on ebay. Have you looked there? Maybe that would work well for you. I too, love to use this yarn.