Woo hooo

With Amy’s vid help, I learned how to knit continental style… Fast knitting, here I come! :happydance:

Thank you, Amy :cheering:

HOORAY ABY! :happydance: I would love to be able to switch to continential style but I’m too old and set in my ways :doh:

Happy Knitting
a/k/a Denise

I think Im a pretty fast English knitter…it helps to tilt the left needle inwards as you wrap the yarn with your right hand.

I can only knit conti when Im double-knitting, which means Im also purling at the same time with my right…otherwise, my sts are WAY too tight!

CONGRATS on picking up a new skill!

WOOHOO! Congrats on your new skill. It’s wonderful to be able to switch back and forth between Cont and English. I especially love continental when knitting a moss stitch or ribbing.

Way to go! :thumbsup:

Why would you want to switch if you can knit continental style?

I wish I could learn continental style but now that I have been a “thrower” for over 30 years…it seems backwards and awkward to me…wish it didn’t!!!

Slightly changing the subject…I used to knit English and hold the needle under the arm. I still like it better. But when I started knitting on circulars, that became impossible, so I had to learn Continental. My question… What do you English knitters do when you are using circulars? Where does the right needle rest?


I switch back and forth depending on the circumstances. I can knit English without looking so that’s my preferred method while watching TV. But I prefer Cont for patterns where I’m switching often between knit and purl.

It doesn’t rest anywhere… I just hold the needle in my right hand.

:cheering: :cheering: for you Aby…doesn’t that make u feel so special about yourself?! :balloons: for your new skill

Phooey for me…I can knit cont. … but purling…just can’t get it, then i stop trying bc i know that i could have already been finished with whatever i was thinking about knitting if i were throwing bc i’m way faster @ throwing…my problem is obviously…INPATIENCE
YAY to all of you that can do both…and YAY more to those of you that like the way u knit any way…

I have been watching Amy’s videos to try to learn continental style. I am pretty new to knitting and I figured there is no time like the present…but I do get frustrated a lot with it. It is goal I have. I just need to stick to it more. Congrats on your new skill


It took me some time… I tried a few times to knit continental and thought… how the heck is this going to work? It was like trying to do that whole pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, thing… but I kept on going and then suddenly, today… I found myself doing it naturally and was stunned. Hence my excitement lol…

SO DON’T GIVE UP, VickiIL… !!! You can do it! :thumbsup:

I also asked that question in the “working on circulars” topic; I just gave it a try and you simply hold it in your right hand really. When you want to put the yarn around the tip (assuming you also hold that in your right hand) you can hold the right needle in your left hand for the first row or 2 and after that you can simply let it hang, the work will hold it in place; it won’t slip out of the stitches at all.
I also hold the right needle un my arm when I knit on straight needles so I was a bit worried about this, but the whole knitting on circulars has been a breeze. I can understand why many people prefer to use them :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!