Woo-Hoo! Went to a fiber fest today

First of all I had big fun. Lots of spinning and all kinds of fibers in many different stages. I just have to show off my new stash cloud9 Was pretty cold here today. This was at the fair grounds about 70 mils. from here. I guess it never gets so cold I can’t buy yarn. :wink:

Everything looks beautiful. Amazing colours.

wow I’m just sitting here turning green with envy. love the colours, do you have plans for each skein or are you going to sit and snuggle up to them all while you decide.

I am kelly green with envy! I wish we had a fiber fest close to here. Your yarn is awesome!!! So glad you got to go and shop.

The 2 sk’s in the first pic are for scarves.
The 3 in next pic are for sock’s
The 2 in the next pic are sock yarn, I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.
The 4 in the last pic are sock yarn too. I’m thinking about making baby hats, not for sure.
I might just sleep with it all :roflhard: :wink:

Rub it in why don’t ya, Love to see some photos of your FO, once you are done sleeping with it of cause

Well, if it’s cold, that just means you’re going to have to knit more goodies to keep yourself warm :cool:
Love the yarns! Love the Colours!!!