Woo Hoo Finally Finished!

My good neighbor loves Harry Potter, so I looked up a HP pattern & got busy !! I am SO glad to be done with it !!!:woohoo:

Here are a couple of photo’s … (I think I attached them correctly !)

Super job!!:cheering: I bet your HP friend will love it!! It looks like it was a lot of work so knit something for you next!:wink:

Very nice!!:heart:


Very beautiful work! Your st st is so even and perfect!
Thanks for sharing the photos with us! :thumbsup:

It looks great, and I second the comment on how even your stitches are. Lucky neighbour! :thumbsup:

Looks fab . I love it! :slight_smile:

Spectacular! Even Harry would love it!

Great job!:cheering:

Wow, talk about being a good neighbor! Lucky neighbor. It’s great.

Looks great!

Awesome job! :cheering:

Purty! :inlove:

That looks fabulous!!

Aw thanks everyone! Knitting keeps me sane! AND knittinghelp.com makes knitting possible for all “us” beginners!


Great job :happydance: