Woo Hoo! DH got a new job! & Other great news!

Yesterday DH found out he was hired for a new job! We are still really young (24) and in our city jobs rely heavily on the Auto Industry… which as we know isn’t exactly thriving right now, so we have been stuck working at McDonald’s since we really don’t want to leave our home. Everyone we love and everything we love is here…

The place he was hired is GREAT. It is a technical support type place, GREAT hours, GREAT benefits, TONS of room to move up and quickly. No chance of lay offs… They were brought into the city specifically to build up job opportunities that were in demand, with hopes of bringing back the economy.

I am beside myself right now, as this is just the first step on the way to so much! We are both excited about the idea of starting our family… DH didn’t really know how much he wanted kids until we had a pregnancy scare last year… When it turned out to be nothing at all he was just as sad and disappointed as I was… But we took it as a sign to start planning and hoping… But really we never thought we’d get very far unless we moved… And we have both left the city before and hated being away from our home and families.

He’s already talking about starting our family. Not JUST yet, but once we get a new apartment, with a room for a baby, we will pick our date to start trying to conceive… The loose plan in motion right now is July 2009! We could really, truly be expecting our child a year from now…

I know I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself, but this all just feels so right. Everyone always asks me “When are you going to have babies?” and I always said “2010”… I don’t know why, but I always felt that was the year our child would be born… It looks like there is a real chance I could be right!

I am going to stay at the Golden Arches until he establishes his security and the benefits kick in… Then I will apply at the same place… I was going to apply when he got hired, but decided it would be best to have one of us in a definite secure job with a set schedule while he’s still in his probation period (three months) Our current boss was happy for us and told him he is always welcome to come back if things don’t work out… He’s a great guy and a hard worker, and he’s sorry to lose him.

I never thought we would have an opportunity like this. We have been trying our best to plan and save and hope we could start our family sooner rather than later, but we didn’t want that happy moment to be tarnished with a big giant “how the hell are we gonna manage this!?” We didn’t want telling our family to be happy underneath all the excess worry and criticism. My cousins had to go through that when they became pregnant barely out of highschool. Thankfully, we have a very tight, very loving family… but still, I’d like to do it the old fashioned way… love, marriage, baby.

This just feels so surreal.

Congratulations on the new job for your hubby.

I remember those early days of marriage…long ago (almost 19 years). Each promotion meant the possibility of not eating Spaghetto-O’s forever.

You’ll know when it’s the right time to start a family. And FYI…you’re not ever completely “ready” when it does happen.

Sounds like y’all are very level-headed. Kudos!

Congrats to your hubby on the new job. :slight_smile: All the best to you, Krystal, as you move ahead in your career path.

Like AuburnChick said, “you’re not ever completely “ready” when it does happen.” Then you to the good head shake and say whoa.

Way to go Krystal!!! I heard the economy in Windsor is really bad…I like the house prices though. Ford is the only employer there there, and i can imagine the many people that lost their jobs…

Thank you…

lol, I know no one is ever completely ready…(Though someone needs to have a talk with my body… it really wants to disagree haha) I never expect to be so… even when I am expecting it to happen I bet I will be knocked right off my feet with EVERYTHING there is to the whole thing.

Just the same, it would be so much more reassuring to be in a better place in life. :smiley:

Oh ya! It’s awful. I am so fortunate I got into McDonald’s when I was 19… It’s nice to have a monday-friday 9-2 job… (9-5 would be better but I’ll take what I can get!) with vacation pay and holidays off… lots of job security… I am really lucky considering how bad it is here. I always laugh at the unemployed people who say they couldn’t “do” fast food. It’s funny coz I couldn’t “do” being unemployed!

:happydance: :yay: :woohoo: :blooby:

Congrats! :yay:

That is awesome news. Congratulations! :yay: When you can afford it it would be a good idea to put aside a little bit for a nest egg for emergencies. Maybe some day it can be used for college or that special trip.

BTW…I’ve been married 34 yrs next month. :wink:

Congrats Krystal! :hug:
That’s so good for your DH. Life will be a little easier for you guys now and hopefully you’ll be able to start your family soon.

Congratulations and good luck with all your future plans.

You sound so happy! That all is such wonderful news and thanks for sharing. In a time when all we seem to do is pull together over the bad things, it’s refreshing to see you two doing the right things and taking care of each other, and I’m glad we can pull together for a good thing.

I think you both will make wonderful parents. Congratulations on the next step of your journey. :hug:

:yay: :yay: :yay: Congrats!!! I really hope you get the job as well!! I wish you luck on your future family!!

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you guys. It seems like there are so many people having difficulties lately and it’s nice to know that there are bright spots too. :cheering:

Wow Jan, its awesome you been married 34 years. Its rare these days.


Ahh, thank you all for your well wishes and advice!

Congrats on 34 years of marriage Jan, that is wonderful. :heart:

We have opened up a high interest savings account with our bank when we opened up a joint account. Right now I am just rounding up to the next dollar and placing that in the account… sometimes just a few cents, sometimes a couple dollars… It all adds up. Once he his new pay schedule kicks in I will reassess how much to start squirreling away. My goal… might be a little high… but my goal is to have 3 months worth of wages saved up for when I would go on MAT leave. Giving me ----roughly— enough for 6 months, with MAT pay. If we could afford for me to have the full year off I would love that!

Not sure how it works in other countries but in Canada we can have up to one full year off for MAT leave, receiving around 55% of your regular income (paid by the lovely government) The number seems to have gone up. Last time I looked… (albeit 5 years ago :teehee:) it was only 40%.

Should I get hired with DH this would be exponentially better.

I know, I know, don’t count the chickens before they hatch! One reason I can go on, and on here instead of talking up my mom. haha. I’d be getting the lectures for sure… I know not to get my hopes up, **** stills happens and this could all be for nothing… but it’s nice to be able to think and dream out loud. Too bad I suck at blogging, or I’d just do that.

I always forget I have a blog though.:teehee:

What wonderful news for both of you. Ditto what Sunshine’s Mom said it is so great to hear some good news. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.

Krystal, don’t let anyone ever tell you not to get your hopes up. Planning a happy future for your family is a good thing, and it seems like you are planning well.

Congrats to you husband on his new job, I hope you can get hired on there also.

Krystal, Congrats! What a sweet post…brought some happy tears to my eyes…I know I’m a sap, but really, it is so nice to hear someone so happy!
P.S. Congrat’s on the 10 lbs too!

Thank you! It’s nice to be reassured. It’s impossible to stop thinking of the possibilities right now. :slight_smile:

Aww, thank you. I am a sap like that too. :aww:

Thanks, I have joined a gym in hopes of losing weight, for when we have a baby and now having a loose date in mind gives me even more motivation.

Been working really hard to kick some bad habits. Going pretty well so far. Caffeine free since February (and I was drinking around two 2 litre bottles of coke a day — yikes) drinking lots of water, and generally wanting to eat better. I was getting close to the unsafe weight for a pregnancy, and I don’t want to pass on my bad habits to my kid… So I decided to start now, and get ready.

I’m always planning ahead! :slight_smile: