Woo! First attempt!

Thanks so much for all your tips on dyeing silk and cotton - pics of my first attempt so far are on my blog, it’s currently sitting overnight before washing out :slight_smile:

Wow, that is absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it’s dried :inlove:

that is so pretty! you guys look like you had fun!

Cool, I’m curious as to how it turns out.

I didn’t see you mention it in the blog, but you did add sodium carbonate (soda ash) to either the soak or the dye solutions right?

I added the soda ash to the soak solutions, so I can keep the dyes for a wee while - I’ve read some places that dyes can be frozen and kept indefinitely, if the fixer isn’t added in, is that true?

Nice job!! I love the color!

Niiiiice! Love the colors.

That is beautiful!! The colors complement each other so well! :notworthy: :notworthy:

I know dye stock can be kept at room temp. for 6 months; I’ve never heard of freezing it.

this is completely OT, but i just read your blog profile… what type of veil are you looking to make? i might be of some help! i made my own too. it was pretty simple:heart:

Oooh, haven’t spoken to anyone else who’s done it - did you use a pattern or make it up yourself? :slight_smile: I want to know everything lol

And on another note, why in the hell do I keep having hobbies that are amazingly expensive? Because of the fibro, I’ve had trouble with the skeins to hanks and back again thing, so just ordered a skein winder and a ball winder - figure that having arms that work is better than having money, but it gets frustrating lol.

Still, I know people who can spend £80 on a night out getting drunk, so at least I’m getting something other than a headache lol…

Fi xxx

P.S. The silk’s almost dry, it looks amazing

my veil was super simple! first i figured out how i was going to wear it and how long/where i wanted it to fall to. i used tulle (a fine netting, i think it was 60 inches wide - i wanted it very full). i bought some clear plastic hair combs (so they wouldn’t show) you could use a decorative comb, head band, whatever catches your eye! i folded the tulle, giving me a bit of genourous length on both ends ( i had bought 6 yards) I wore mine very long, a chapel length veil and a front veil that came to my elbows. at the folded edge, i took clear thread/fishline and just sewed it super loose the whole length. i then knotted the end to the tulle, and pulled it tight to gather the material until it was the same width as the plastic comb. then i took the thread and just sewed it to the comb by going around the top and between the teeth of the comb. super simple!

to get it the right length i pulled my hair to the approximate hight.placed the comb and checked the length, carefully trimming until i was happy.

you can do all sorts to jazz it up, adding lace to the edges or scarted around, adding beads, or really any trim you can think of! i spent less than $15 US on it total. here in the states, i would have had to pay probably at least 4 times that or more.

Great job… those colors look really nice :happydancing:

Woohoo, it’s finished grin My very first ball of hand-dyed silk.

It’s kind of in between these two colours - with a flash it’s so shiny it comes up very light, and without a flash it comes up very dark - its closer to the light version though. We call it ‘Defying Gravity’.

It’s unbelievably soft grin

Great Job! It looks beautiful.

As for freezing the dyes, I’ve never kept procion dye in solution but I believe that, as long as the water is a neutral ph, it lasts for about two weeks at room temperature, and do know that people store the dye in the fridge for longer periods. The dye goes bad because it reacts to the water in the solution, but the colder it is, the slower it reacts, so it makes sense that frozen dye would last quite a while.

thats so pretty!