wonky stitches on Trillian shawl

working on the Trillian shawl by Martina Behm. My edging stitches have a
wonky zig zag look I don’t like. When I look at pictures on Ravelry
those stitches are straight. Am I doing something wrong? Will blocking
fix this?



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I don’t know what’s doing that. It may have to do with the yarn overs on either side of the edge sts. The sts aren’t twisted but they are zig zagging. I actually like it.
Blocking to open up the lace edge may even them out. I would wash it according to the ball band directions and pin out the main body. Stretch out the lace edge, pin it and let dry completely.

Beautiful shawl.

Looks like you have yarn overs and a decrease such as K2Tog or SSK in which case you may not be doing the decrease right, as some methods of SSK or Slip Slip Pass Slip Stitch over, give different results. It also depends on making the decrease, what method of decrease you are using with your knitting style so that you don’t get wavy stitches.

There are video tutorials on this subject of wavy decreases on YouTube, and you may be able to find the video tutorial which solves the problem. Hope you find the solution. If you are making faggotting, which it seems that it may be, and you make a good right leaning decrease, vs. the left leaning decrease, try a swatch where you use the opposite and see what happens. Some patterns have you making decreases on the front and the back of the work.

One of my favorite patterns regarding a stitch of this type is Brooke’s Column of Leaves, free on Ravelry. When I have trouble with a pattern, I just look up how she did it as it has worked for me.

Best of Luck to you. But try some other yarn than your pattern yarn so that you don’t wear out the fibers. Sometimes the author of the pattern knows they have a decrease and actually wrote down the wrong one. Make a swatch and find what works, then you can fix your pattern.

Check this out and see how you have the same wonky pattern on the left side of this link.

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Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions everyone. I have blocked it and after all that worry it turned out just fine :blush:

That’s great news!