Wonky safety eye and neater horns

Please take a look at image to see it. Look at the right eye please in comparison to the left eye. You will notice the safety eye is not in the correct position how do I correct please? The toy is already stuffed so don’t want to unstuff him to correct the eyes. There is a washer at the back of the eyes for your info… difficult to remove a washer once he is stuffed. Also those yellow horns i am now talking about where they point out at the top…it needs neating up where those horns point up at top…how do you neaten the horns please? It would be kind if you can suggest something. Also should I block this toy will it look nicer if I block the toy appearance wise?


I think it looks sweet as it is

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OK anymore suggestions on the very last post I sent to CORRECT wonky eyes and pointed horns. Refer to last very last post

I don’t think you’ll be able to change the safety eyes. You might snip out the yellow horns and re-knit them but this little toy is rather charming as is. You’ve learned a lot along the way, too.


It has a certain charm, like the dragon is kind of cocking it’s head looking at you!

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  Although I also think this is an adorable project, maybe you could correct the shaping of the horns by adding more stuffing. I can't think of another child safe product that would give the structure you are looking for without a lot of work. You could create cotton horns and stuff them with a shaped piece of foam, possibly from a pool noodle. These could be inserted inside the yarn horns.
  As far as the eyes, I think you are going to have to take the stuffing out if you are using the same type of eyes. You could remove the eyes and replace them with two large buttons such as Coraline, but they would have to be sewn on very well if a child is going to play with this little cuddle toy. Embroidered eyes are another option. You could embroider a patch or embroider directly on the toy.
 You have done a beautiful job on this project. Any child would love it, I am sure. We are always more critical of ourselves.

Thanks for your suggestions your very kind

It’s adorable. Sweet and charming. Leave it. I live it.

Looks like all you might need to do is give the face a few tugs to straighten it out. The eyes seem symmetrical to the pink mouth. You can see the left side of the face is droping a bit and bringing the eye with it. Hope that makes sense and hope it is that easy. Super cute!

BMLTGHAF, I love the way your dragon looks. Something about this makes your dragon really unique and extra cute.

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