Wonky felted purse

I felted this purse and the flap is weird. It gets wider at the bottom of the flap - I’m guessing because of the cable. What can I do to fix this? My mom suggested cutting the edges, but then the edges wouldn’t be uniform and it would bug me. Any ideas? TIA!

hmm… I think it looks ok the way it is, but maybe re wet the top and try to stretch to match the bottom?

Great idea! One other question… how do I get the wrinkles out? Can I iron it? I already tried re-wetting it and it helped some, but obviously not enough.

I am not an expert (I NEVER iron) but I personally wouldn’t try ironing it. You would hate to melt the fibers on accident. I would try to keep rewetting and blocking. Is the purse already seamed up? If it is, I would lay it flat on a towel, wet the heck out of it, stretch the top to match the bottom and pin in place. Then I would put another towel on top of that and put heavy books on top to even out the creases. That’s the only thing that comes to mind. Hope it helps!

I just had another idea, if the top doesn’t even out with the bottom, you could try making some black ribbon bows, and sew them to the sides at the top. It would hide the flaw, and add some extra ooomph. ( I add bows to anything that needs to have a oops hid:roflhard:)

[B]Mulderknitter[/B] - I’m not picturing what you’re suggesting. It sounds cool, I just don’t get it. Do you mean to sew bows at the top of the flap? Thread ribbons around the flap?

I meant to sew a bow on each side of the top flap. It would hide those top corners a bit