Wonky elongated stitches

Hello all…

I’m about to start on a project for my sister (ribbon shawl) and i think i’m going to try adding rows of elongated stitches. I’ve done them before when i was making a scarf but i’ve noticed that the first stitch of the row ends up looking much shorter than the last stitch and looks like it has a kind of knot in the middle where the loops overlap (does that make sense?) :??

Am i doing something wrong?? My Spockian brain can’t figure out what is going on and how to fix it… :help:


i have the same problem. the first time i did an E-stitch scarf i did it with a particularly fuzzy eyelash yarn so it wasn’t apparent, but i haven’t been able to do another one since because they don’t look right. if i don’t have that problem then the stitch is off kilter and kinda sticks out. i can’t figure it out. and ihave some great yarn i think would be great with this stitch but i can’t figure out the problem with it.

I still have the same problem as you do… I just finished a light blue bulky scarf using a #19 needle. I wanted to see the effect of a large needle using the E stitch.

I like the way it looks however i can’t figure out what i am going wrong.

Would like to see a Video of the E stitch from the beginning. Knitting the first rows then adding the E… I have watched Amys Videos so many times trying to figure out where i am making the mistake.

Good luck and happy knitting :XX:

We had a discusion about this here.
Hilde had an idea how to fix it, but I myself just ignored this weird stitch.

That’s really interesting. I’ve done an elongated stitch scarf and didn’t notice any wonkyness. I wonder if I’m doing something different?