Wonderland Socks

I wanted to try Illusion Knitting so I found thispattern and gave them a whirl…first try couldn’t see a cat…2nd try didn’t do the purl rows right only did them for the chart…3rd try right on woohooo and finally the 4th try to match the 3rd try…:teehee:

and we have finally…Matching cat socks

oops I forgot to say what yarn and all that stuff…
1 KP Palette Black
1 KP Palette White
Size 1 needle (first time trying & sticking with ML)

Those are cool!

Those are great! :cheering:

Very neat! I have always wanted to try illusion knitting!

knitgal~ You should give it a try!! It’s very fun to see it come together… :thumbsup:

Oh nice! I’ve never seen anything like that (the illusion pattern)

Very catchy pattern. You did a great job

Those are so freakin’ CUTE! :woot:I love them!! :inlove: Great job!!!

Thanks everyone!!

Lintu~ Hereis a website with differen patterns for Illusion knitting… I had seen a project that fellow KHer did (chrislt8) that first got me curious…my secret pal and I also talked about it… my goal is to make an Elvis scarf :teehee:…I thought the socks would give me a good start on understanding how the charts worked since it’s different from reg. charts… so then I can chart him…

They are so awesome!