Wondering about increasing a letter cloth into a baby blanket

Hello, I’m interested in knitting a baby blanket of the initial of a friend’s baby’s first name. Basically, I’d like to turn one of of letter washcloths from knittingnonsense.com into a baby blanket. I’m wondering how I would go about doing this. It seems like it would be fairly simple to do, but I’m not sure what to do. Any tips? Thanks in advance =)

I should add that I’ve tried to find a contact email address for the website I mentioned above, but I couldn’t find one. I hope I don’t get in trouble for mentioning them =/

Links are fine to other sites. :thumbsup:

I’m not sure how you’re making the washcloth or what stitches you want to use. A few ideas come to mind though. One is to p/u stitches and knit it in the round. You’d be increasing at the corners. Or you could cast on more to begin with and just make the outside area bigger to begin with. :think:

You could also knit a larger version of the dishcloth with the garter stitch edges in whatever stitch pattern(s) you’d like and place the letter in the center or offset as you like. Try a gauge swatch to see haw many sts per inch you get with your yarn and needles and then multiply the sts/inch by the length you’d like to get the number of sts to cast on.
Here’s another way to do it using squares or strips of squares (which cut down on the time spent sewing squares together).
It’s a great idea for a gift. Good luck with it!

Thank you both! I’ve thought about making smaller squares and sewing them together. I do like that idea. I think I’ll trying increasing the number of stitches used in the washcloth pattern and see what happens. I appreciate your help, both of you :slight_smile: