Wonderful Wallaby

Here is the second Wallaby I’ve made. I don’t remember what yarn I used, but was 100% Acrylic. I don’t like how the yarn knit up, but it’s for a 5 month old so I’m sure she doesn’t care. :smiley:

She won’t care, but she’ll look great in it. I think it’s fabbo! :thumbsup:

It is a wonderful Wallaby! I like how the yarn patterning turned out!

That’s cute! :smiley:

Great job :thumbsup: Her mom will have her living in it come winter.

That is so cute! :inlove:

Adorable…love it :thumbsup:

That is precious!

Very nice! I’m sure that will get a lot of use!

Adorable! My LYS owner offers a Wallaby class, but it costs at least $50, not including supplies.

I think it’s just wonderful!

Great job. :thumbsup:

Very cute!! :wink:

That’s so cute! :inlove:

How sweet! I can just see a little baby all snuggled up in that – so cute!