Wonderful wallaby yoke decrease question

It says, after joining sleeves, to knit 2 rounds and then begin decrease for yoke. First decrease is 3 stitches before the start of the row. So do you knit almost 2 rows and then begin decrease or do you knit 2 full rows, then knit almost all of the next row and then start decrease 3 stitches before the next row, so you as it repeats 4 times to decrease, it’s knit to last 3, begin decrease, which is really another row, and then knit. Or is it knit to last 3, start decrease, which is the row and then knit again to last 3. A true 2 rows or really 3?

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There are a few variations on this sweater but here’s one:

You can probably do either. My tendency would be to knit almost 2 full rounds and then decrease. The first decrease is at the end of of round 2.