Wonderful Wallaby Variation

One of the variations described on page 23 of this pattern is for a “shirt” without a hood. I cannot picture the style of the collar and wonder if anyone has made it this way. I would really LOVE to see a picture.

Sorry…I don’t know. I just bought this pattern and was surprised that it was a booklet! I just set it aside. LOL

I have made the hooded version and want to make the un hooded version. What you end up with is a band of ribbing where the hood will be, very nice and simple. It still will have the split front but instead of going up into the hood there will be ribbing.

i’ve thought about doing this too. i took a pic of my first wallaby when i was at the point that it looked like a collar. at the time, i had the thought that i wanted to make another one with a collar like this. it would be super simple. you could just use the k1p1 ribbing it already has, or you could use seed stitch, or just about anything.