Wonderful Wallaby pattern question

I am at the point where you mark off the 10 center stitches on the front. Directions say: Continue for 9 rounds, dec every other rnd as established, but P the center 10 st every other round.
Now, here’s my question…there are 2 rounds…one is the decrease round, the other is K around. On which round do I purl the center stitches? On the decrease round or the K round? Thank you so much for your help. I hope someone answers that has made this sweater!!!

Is this the pattern?

If one round is the decrease round and the other is the knit round then the purl sts must be on the decrease round.
Is this for the pouch? The outside of the pouch looks like stockenette (knit every round). Where are the purl sts, the ribbing on the edges of the pouch?

Yes! This is the pattern salmonmac. I am starting on the beginning of the placket. Reads: Continue for 9 rounds, decrease every other round as established, but purl the center 10 stitches, every other round. End with a decrease round. Stop at midpoint of Garter stitch placket on that round.

It’s a series of 2 rows. Row 1 is decreases. Row 2 is all knit.
Wondering if I purl those 10 placket stitches on the decrease row or the knit row?

Pocket and sleeves are done, moving on to the placket just under the neck.

Ah, I see. It really doesn’t matter whether you purl on the dec rounds or the knit rounds. As long as you remember to purl every other round and decrease every other round. If it’s easier to do both in the same round (dec and also purl the center sts) then go ahead. The alternate rounds would then be straight knit (no dec, knit the center sts).

Wonderful…thank you salmonmac!! So I’m off and running tomorrow!! So excited to be knitting my first sweater! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

That is exciting! Enjoy knitting the sweater and may it be the first of many. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.

I did finish the sweater along with two other ladies in our group! We had so much fun and learned so much. We did the Kirchner stitch on our hood together as a group. We sat next to each other and repeated the next stitch and then jumped in and did it! I love being part of a knit group…best part of my week is Knit Night!! I’m not sure how to post a pic of the sweater. When I figure that out I will post it. Were now on a new adventure…making Knitted Knockers! And I already have a question posted about that, LOL. Thank you for being here for all of us to run to when we need HELP!!

What a good time! I love your group Kitchener; a good way to get it done. I knit with a group on Weds mornings and always look forward to Lucky Wednesdays.
If you want to upload a photo, use the little up arrow at the banner at the top of the Reply box. We’d love to see your sweater (and the group’s sweaters, too).
Knitted Knockers are a wonderful project and a good one to work in a group.

Hi salmonmac! I love the knit group!! We have knitters, crocheters and quilt makers all together. Of course the crocheters are ALWAYS trying to convert us knitter, lol. Not gonna happen…but then you never know! Thank you for telling me how to post a pic. I will take a look at that! Yes, I am so glad our group is getting involved in the Knitted Knockers project! I have two done so far and I love knitting them. The 100% Pima cotton is a beautiful to work with!

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