Wonderful old smooth delightful bamboo needles

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I’ve just had the good fortune of finding a lovely pair of bamboo circular needles. The joining between the needles is lovely and thick and doesn’t get twisted. They smell wonderfully. In the same package I also found a wonderful, smooth, delightful old bamboo crochet hook.
I got all of this at ValuVillage for 99 cents! :woot:
I can’t wait to use them. The circulars are in great condition with the joining being as smooth as the wood.
I’ve already used the crochet hook to correct some of my dropped yarn on the sweater I’m currently knitting and it worked wonderfully. I expect nothing less from the circulars.
I can’t believe the price!
TEMA cloud9 [/COLOR]

Very nice find! Did they have a brand name, or were they just in a clear bag?

Enjoy working with them! :slight_smile:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]The bag said they were size 4.5mm but I wasn’t able to read the brand name… sorry!