Wonderful News! Please Advise!

My dear husband, whom I’ve been married to for 26 years, has given me a Christmas gift,:present: which is a sizable allowance, to buy some fancy yarn.
I’ve never, ever had fancy, high quality yarn, and I would really like to get some suggestions from all of you, as to who online sells the best knitting yarn, (I like sport weight best, as far as I know!), at the best price, for the most yardage per skein, and who has the most beautiful colors? I LOVE color!!
[COLOR=“Red”][COLOR=“Blue”]Bright,[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=“Purple”]brilliant,[/COLOR] [COLOR=“Lime”]colors![/COLOR]

I’m totally ignorant as to what knits up best,
what is most durable,
what type of yarn to use in different types of garments.

I DO know, I [COLOR=“Red”]don’t [/COLOR]like 100% wool. :fingerwag: Just don’t like it.

I do like wool [U][FONT=“Arial Black”]blends.[/FONT][/U]
I’ve been interested in trying these types of yarn:
alpaca blend, mohair, silk, silk blends, llama, yak, angora blend,and
cashmere blend. Cotton is good, just fine, so are acrylics.
I don’t really like ribbon yarns, or slub, not much use for eyelash, but, some of it is pretty. Like, elf eyelash is cute.

SO, please tell me what you like best, where to get it online, and why you like it.:balloons:

Well… I know you said you don’t like 100% wool but I just have to say it. Malabrigo is so soft and cozy. Well it is also a terrible addiction too as my twelve year old dd is learning. She just picked up her second hand for phone cozies. And the colors are very cool. I think though that I would go to my lys and just touch every thing. Then look on line too. I like shopping at WEBS and little knits online. Oh I wish I were you. Such a dilemma

I would suggest looking at KnitPicks as they have some good prices. They have some alpaca blends, silk blends, wool blends, washable wools, super soft merino (yes; 100% wool, but very soft although not as nice as Malabrigo mentioned above). They also have a lovely cotton and cotton/linen blend that is in a sport weight (I believe) as well as some acrylics and novelty yarns. Have fun spending your “yarn money!”

That’s very cool! :yay:

It’s very difficult to tell someone else what yarn they should get because yarn tastes are so different. I suggest you go to a yarn store with all your suggestions and see for yourself what they feel like. You don’t want to spend all that lovely cash on something you’ll end up disliking. That being said…:teehee:

Malabrigo… I agree that it is soft, BUT you have to hand wash it so keep that in mind if you hate hand washing.

Plymouth Encore has tons of colors is a wool/acrylic blend and has lots of yardage.

Keep the site I linked to bookmarked, it’s very handy!

Here’s a few online yarn stores, too.

http://www.theknitter.com This one doesn’t have quite as many yarns, but has free shipping.

This one has always had great service for me

Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk feels like a cloud. It really has to be the softest yarn I’ve ever felt.

www.littleknits.com has some on sale as does this site

I haven’t purchased yarn online as yet, but was having a lot of fun drooling over some of the yarns at www.discountyarn.com.

This looks like it will keep me plenty busy.
Great prices, too!

Thank you all. :muah: If anyone else has a favorite yarn they can direct me to, please don’t hesitate to post.

I also found some STRAIGHT addi turbo knitting needles!

Those were hard to find.

If anyone has knowledge of an alligator or crocodile dishcloth pattern, please post a link to it.
I like gators.

Elann.com! They have GREAT prices and great yarns also! The only issue I have ever had with ordering from them is sometimes I feel the shipping is a bit high, but I love love LOVE the yarn!

Happy Knitting :slight_smile:

If you don’t already have an Options set I would consider investing. I know its not yarn but they make even less expensive yarn knit like expensive yarn.

One of my favorite “splurge” yarns is Lorna’s Laces. It’s 100% wool, but it’s superwash, which makes it so [I]incredibly soft[/I] and not scratchy at all and the colors are gorgeous! :slight_smile:

I agree. If you invest the $60 or so in the options, then add to your order with some nice knitpicks yarn, I think you will be plenty pleased. I haven’t gotten a bad yarn from knitpicks yet, and the customer service is superb if you want to call them for advice. For example, say you want to buy a sport weight, kinda know the color, and have it narrowed down to 2 or 3 choices. Call them and ask their opinion on softness/splittiness/etc. Knitpicks is the only online store that I prefer to call and talk with someone when placing my order rather than using the online payment. One lady saved me from only being able to make one sock per color!:yay:

I totally agree with the suggestons to check out Elann and KP. But since you like sport wht(so do I) stay away from KP Merino, it pills like crazy. Ellie

What a great Christmas gift from your DH!

I’d find patterns I want to make, then buy the yarn. It just seems to make more sense to buy what you need.

My next project, when my disability comes in, is the Central Park Hoodie, from KnitPicks. It calls for dk, which I hope to find in Malabrigo, or I’ll adjust it.

I agree that a great set of needles would be a good buy.

What is it you don’t like about 100% wool. With that info maybe we can give you some more suggestions. I personally do not like scratchy wools, but love a nice quality 100% merino wool. And if it is superwash, even better!

I agree to make some pattern decisions, before yarn choices. You will be much happier if your yarn has a purpose.


If you want luxury for a relatively small price-- go to colourmart.com. Cashmere and angora and silk, oh my!

You’ll thank me later.

What is an Options set??:whoosh:

Options are an interchangeable set from KnitPicks. They are really great needles and cables, comparable to Addi Turbo.

That is such a wonderful gift! If you happen to have a local yarn store nearby, I would stronly suggest you go fondle…nothing better than feeling all those fabulous yarns in person.

I also have to recommend colourmart.com. I LOVE LOVE that place. I have some of their cashmere, cashmere/silk blend. and a TON of there 100% silk yarn. the silk is just soooo luxurious!! and shiny!! the cashmere is soooooo soft!!