Wonderful Free Patterns

If you have not visited their site lately, I highly recommend you go to http://garnstudio.com/lang/en/.

Many, many free patterns (good ones) for men, women and kids. They are also starting a forum for questions about their yarns and patterns.

For those of you who have used DROPS patterns in the past, you know how beautiful their stuff is.

Happy browsing, and hope to see you there!

Is there a link to the free patterns? I only see the whole database. PREETY stuff, though!


This is page 1 of 26. Click on the American flag under the picture to view the pattern.

OMG they are ALLLL free??? :shock:

Kelly’s mind boggled!

Yeah, I was surprised too. Instead of linking to each one individually, I gave the whole site an honorable mention on my directory page and the women’s clothing page. :wink:

oh my, i think i just had a yarngasm

i’m gonna need a ciggie now

WOW i just got done with all 26 pages. i can’t believe that they are FREE!!! and they are some really nice stuff!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

540 patterns! Wow! Thank you for posting this!!! :happydance:

Holy cats! It’s gonna take me a week to go through them all! Very nice! Thanks!

I just posted the link over in the patterns forum, too…

Well, Well, Well, there is a Santa! I feel like a kid on the big day! Thanks for sharing this site! WOWSERS! :happydance:

540 patterns and not one pair of socks? And they call themselves a knitting website :smiley:

I’d bet that every one of those models was wearing socks!! :roflhard:

LOL…never heard that expression before (yarngasm). I guess we’ve all had those at one time or another. Too bad I don’t smoke.

perdy stuff though i am not sure how much of it i will make since i am not digging on clothes too much BUUUUUUUUUT i did see a very cute hat but the pattern confuses me a bit.

hrmmm…well actually i THINK i figgered it out…i thought at first it was telling me to put 48 stitches on one DPN, 52 on another, and 54 on the third AND it was for a baby! :shock:

heh…yeah i figgered it out! :wink:

:shock: That would be one big baby! :roflhard:

I saw a bunch of stuff that I would love to make there. Darn free patterns! (Insert fist shaking smiley here)


I really needed a treat and I think this site will be it. I am going to sit and peruse it for a while today and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I LOVE these patterns and have known them for many years :smiley: . This is a scandinavian company and they release 4 new patternbooks twice a year. Last year they started to upload all their patterns to this site, and just a couple of weeks after the yarn stores get the patternbooks they upload the latest patterns!! Because they do this, I think many customers buy their yarn and this way I don’t think they lose any money on giving patterns out for free like this!! And they have WONDERFUL yarns :inlove:

OMG OMG OMG!!! THIS SITE ROCKS!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Thanks for the link :thumbsup:

MrsBear87 you’ve done it again!

[size=7]Thank you![/size]

You are brilliant!