Wonderful Christmas story for my Family

last night after we had started the Norad Santa Watch, my kids had to go out to the barn to take care of the animals (we are farm sitting) and my 12 yo looked up in the sky and saw a rapidly flashing red light moving fast across the north-eastern sky. She showed her youngest sister, who turned with glee in her eyes and asked if there was ANY way it could be santa, and my 12 yo told her it might be, because planes don’t fly that fast at night, its to dangerous in the dark. So they came RUNNING in and told me what they saw and we checked Norad and lo and behold Santa had just left Nova Scotia and Bay of Fundy area, so she MUST have seen Rudolfs nose all the way from Canada (we are in Maine)
she went to sleep in RECORD time


:rofl: That’s cute.

How cute!! I’ve heard Rudolph’s nose is really bright!:teehee:

Well of course it was Rudolph and Santa…what else would it be???