Women's Thunderbird sweater kit I need help

I was given a women’s Thunderbird sweater kit that is knitted in stockinette stitch flat in pieces which has a pattern chart. I have been able to follow the chart with out any problems. The written part of the pattern states to place the center front stitches on a stitch holder, decrease for neck as indicated. I can follow the decreases, my question is what decreases do I use for the knit row right side and left side (ie knit to right side neck dec k2tog or ssk? When I knit the left side neck dec (ie. knit left side neck dec k2tog or ssk. Also what decreases do I use for the purl side? I know where to do the decreases I just don’t know what the best or right ones to use as there are so many different ways. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Barb

It’s really your preference on the decreases. For the front, left side of neck (left side as you would wear the sweater) I like k2tog on the RS and purl2tog on the WS. For the front, right side of neck I use ssk on RS and p2tog through the back loop on WS. That way the line of dec follows the neckline but it’s up to you.

Thank you for your help I will try these decreases as they sound like they would work best.