Woman runs red light

this is chilling…NO CARS were coming, when he began crossing…


DA-YUM!!!:zombie: :passedout:

Oh. My. Goodness.


OUCH oh my gosh I must have rerun that video over and over. :passedout:

:shock: one of my friends got in a wreck today too…thank goodness it wasn’t as bad as that, eep!



ugh, the driver that caused it was 75. Dont get me started on the elderly and driving. i dont remember where, i think it was in my statistics books but there was a chart on the number of car accident and age relation and it did a big U from 16 to the 70’s. It angers me that they dont make the elderly take road tests, no offense meant to them but they become such a danger on the roads as they get older. We had to force my grandma to stop driving recently and she claimed if the government lets her we should too, we felt differently however.

im not trying to be biased, i know that everyone makes mistakes, but i did a persuasive speech on it once and the numbers you find related to it is scary

Wow! That is incredible!

holy moley!

I would never advocate yanking licenses but maybe they should be tested more frequently after a certain age.

You NEVER know what can happen, in a day.
This fella was just minding his own business, probably on his way
to a class, or just coming from school, judging by the backpack.

This is a good reason to know where you’re going, after you die.

That man has one HUGE guardian angel! :angelgrin:

Wow! The poor guy just could not run fast enough. How is it he is still alive? That is incredible.

Incredible footage! It just wasn’t the day he had to face up to his eternity.

Did you notice that he was walking against a red light?

‘Princess’, I’ve seen 16 y.o. drivers who drive well, and 75+ y.o. drivers that drive well, and a whole lot of others who don’t. It depends on the driver.

This is exactly why I think the legal driving age should be 18 instead of 16, why I feel the tests should be more difficult, and that we should have to retake a road test every 8 years. There are just too many lives at risk for the testing to be as easy as it is. And the whole no recertification thing just doesn’t make any sense.


No, I didn’t see that he was walking against a red light.

2 true stories about this, and one observation:
a relative of mine was getting senile, but, she didn’t know it. Her driving became quite dangerous, and she ran into a couple of cars, before she was convinced to stop driving. It was hard for her to give up her independence.
another relative of mine, her mind sharp, and her reflexes good, voluntarily gave up her car, because she had a heart condition, and was scared she might one day have a heart attack at the wheel, and kill someone, because of her vanity.
observation: teen drivers are sometimes, (SOMETIMES) so busy listening to music, or flirting with other drivers, or drinking, eating, talking on cell phone, or driving intoxicated or high, that they should be required to be tested MORE OFTEN, perhaps, every 6 months, than adults.