Woke in the middle of the night to find this forum had changed slightly

Nope! Just adds a different element. Of course, they slow things down, if you’re interested in speed, 'cause you knit 3, then take the next stitch off the needle, place the bead down over it, then place the stitch onto the right needle.

So we bought a little old RV, a 1984 Corsair on a Nissan cab/chassis. Has a fridge, stove, shower, second sink, sleeps 3, seatbelts in the back. Hubby installed a tether strap anchor for SuperGirl. Looking forward to using it. I’ve been RVing before, except this will be the first time I am the “adult” who owns the thing! Now we just gotta go clean and stock it…

My ball of yarn got tangled, and because I am using a double strand, it would have been near impossible to untangle while still attached to the project.

The good news was I was about 1.5 rounds into a new colour, so I could remove it, then work with the tangled yarn. The bad part about being just into a new colour was that I really didn’t want to cut the yarn and join it again.

The really bad news is that I have never frogged before. Oh sure, I’ve torn the whole thing apart and started over, but I’ve never “successfully” frogged back a few rows.

But I went for it, inserted the needle into a destination row (I’ve seen the video on this website before, I just didn’t need it this time), and… rip-it, rip-it!:frog:

It’s funny, when I was learning to knit (of course, I still am “learning”), a mistake was disastrous, a dropped needle caused my heart to skip a beat, and I had no idea how “all those strands” got to where they were. If a needle dropped or slipped while making a stitch, that was it, I was finished. It’s amazing how with a little experience it all makes sense. I mean, I’ve never re-inserted a needle before, but I just knew exactly where to put it! (And re-placing stitch markers, etc). Counting rows was, at one time, hard for me, too. I mean, I knew what a row of knit stitches [I]looked[/I] like, but counting up from a cast-on or a colour change, or an increase, was difficult to comprehend. Now, nothin’ to it!:woohoo:

And my husband is so understanding. When I explained to him what I was doing (well, it started with him seeing me try to unravel a tangled mess), as I was repositioning the needle, he says, “Does that make you nervous?” Of course, followed by, “Are you going to ruin it?”:roll:

When I get to that point, my wife always says “I thought you knit to relax. If you’re going to get aggravated why bother?”:roll:

Frogging with multiple strands is a pain in the patoot. I’m glad you got it all figured out!

That’s true, Jeremy, but I think frustration is a part of any hobby. :teehee:

That’s sounds exactly like my mom. :roll: And sometimes my dad.

Forgive me knitters for I have sinned. It’s been months since my last blog entry…

I’m sitting here at 2:30 on a Sunday morning, woken by a bad dream partly because of the rain (I dreamed the house was washing away) and because it’s warm and my daughter is tossing a little bit beside me.

I had my computer beside the bed, which I rarely do, the TV is unwatchable, probably because my husband has something unhooked in another part of the house or forgot to switch something back (sometimes I think this house is part of some elaborate A/V setup for a concert or conference).

You know when you’re not really scared of being in the dark by yourself, but then you kind of get this eerie feeling when you are?

What have I learned in the past few months? Sweaty hands equals sticky wool.

What are my upcoming knitting plans? Well I have almost finished the b4 bag which I showed in previous posts. I just have the handles left, which I now need to figure out. They are done by i-cord, which I realized in another project, I’m not that good at. The result is very uneven with the “end” stitch column very obvious. The whole thing looks kind of twisty. It’s just better if I knit it in the round. Which brings me to my next issue: I’m using my brand new interchangeables, and I don’t have DPNs in that size, so I’ll have to do magic loop, which is fine, because that’s how I started the bag, but magic loop on 3 stitches? That’s a lot of sliding! And finally, I didn’t really want to sew the handles on afterwards, I was hoping that maybe by picking up stitches to start, it might be a little stronger.

Anyway, my computer tells me the battery is low, so I better go back to bed.

I’ve been looking for pics for your finished bag. Loved the pattern. Be sure to post when it’s finished.

You are forgiven for being late in posting. :hug:
Nice to hear from you again.