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[FONT=“Tahoma”]I’m joining the bloggers, and, as so many others have done, I’ll tell you 100 things about me:

  1. I was born in 1978 (right now, I am 30).

  2. I am a pharmacist.

  3. I own/ride a motorcycle.

  4. I was born into a traditional family, one mother, one father, and two sisters.

  5. I do not like celery.

  6. I have been married to a man, my high-school sweetheart, you could say, for over 7 years.

  7. I have been knitting for about 1.7 years.

  8. Christian church was a big part of my life for many years. I attended services held by

The Salvation Army and played in the brass band.

  1. I took a beginner course in American Sign Language.

  2. I have a 2-year-old daughter with my husband.

  3. I took formal piano lessons for a short time when I was younger, and again when I was older, and still dabble in it. I have also played the flute (which I own) and bought a violin (which I don’t play).

  4. During college, I had four male roommates.

  5. I studied french in school, as was part of the curriculum, and chose to do a 5-week

french-immersion “camp” after high school.

  1. I am an English knitter, and hold my right needle like a piece of chaulk, rather than

like a pencil.

  1. I have been to London, Athens, and Crete, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic,

and several parts of the United States and Canada.

  1. I once sun-burnt my face so bad it blistered and my eyes swelled.

  2. I have never been drunk.

  3. I had braids/extensions in my hair for three months.

  4. I grew up within driving distance of a downhill ski attraction and spent nearly every

Saturday there.

  1. I had my picture taken with Nickelback.

  2. When I got married, my husband and I lived 4257 km (2645 mi) apart.

  3. I can’t dance.

  4. I took figure skating lessons for two years.

  5. I took ballet lessons for one year.

  6. I cannot fasten my bra behind my back.

  7. I require corrective lenses.

  8. I can drive a manual transmission.

  9. I have never broken a bone, sprained a muscle, had surgery, or required stitches

(childbirth notwithstanding).

  1. I own a Smart Fortwo.

  2. I can cross-stitch.

  3. I do not like country music.

  4. I do not like melon (cantaloupe, honeydew).

  5. My father passed away suddenly when I was 28 and pregnant.

  6. I have tented, canoed, spent nights in rustic cabins, etc.

  7. I recently went on a zip line.

  8. I don’t swim. I couldn’t, then took lessons, and still don’t.

  9. I saw Phantom of the Opera in London.

  10. I rarely wear make-up or spend time on my hair.

  11. I get coldsores.

  12. I have a cat, although if it wasn’t for my husband, I wouldn’t.

  13. I once lost 32 pounds.

  14. I have a Facebook account.

  15. I am a landlord.

  16. I have 2 nieces.

  17. I have a sweet tooth.

  18. I am not on Ravelry (yet).

  19. I have never tried to describe myself this way before, and am finding it quite


  1. I was born and have lived all my life in Canada.

  2. I have been in a coal mine museum, a dinosaur museum, a Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not

museum, an aviation museum, a science museum, and many more.

  1. I prefer carpet to hardwood.

  2. I like to cook, but I find it messy and time-consuming.

  3. When I get really mad, I get the urge to throw something or break something.

  4. I do not smoke, and have never been a smoker.

  5. I watch a lot of TV… CSI, House, Medium, The Mentalist, Hell’s Kitchen, The Young and

the Restless…

  1. I like my tea/coffee with cream and sugar.

  2. I have my ears pierced, though they grew over and I had to have them done again.

  3. I had a navel ring, which I took out when I was pregnant, and never put back.

  4. I do not eat lobster, crab, oysters, or sushi, but scallops are okay. Shrimp is

questionable. Cod and Haddock are fine, but “fishy” fish are not.

  1. I am the primary breadwinner in the house.

  2. Spring is my favourite season, when the snow is just melted, and it’s about 20 degress

Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit).

  1. I have no interest in knitting a sweater.

  2. I have mother-in-law issues (she’s TOO nice and oversteps her boundaries).

  3. I donate blood.

  4. It’s been three years since I’ve been to the dentist.

  5. I have all my teeth.

  6. I have no tattoos.

  7. I live on the coast (like, yards from it).

  8. I am now looking to other people’s “100 things” lists for inspiration.

  9. I never had a summer job until one year after high school, unless you count babysitting.

  10. I have only spent one night away from my 2.4-yr-old daughter, and that was because I was

sick in the bed and DH and DD slept at MIL’s.

  1. I once had a pet turtle.

  2. I do not see what is so special about steak.

  3. I had a fairly easy pregnancy with zero stretchmarks (see 41.) and no weight gain that I didn’t lose in the first week after.

  4. I breastfed my daughter until about 15 months.

  5. I love my mother and sisters (and my father), but we are not the type to express

ourselves with a hug or “an I Love You” (trying to be different with my daughter, so far, so


  1. I encounter moose on a regular basis.

  2. I have eaten moose, and hare.

  3. I was determined to get this list finished before bedtime, and even pushed back bedtime

because of it, but then my sister called, and now I’m talking to her.

  1. I live in the time-zone GMT-3.5 h.

  2. My husband and I set our wedding date about 6 weeks before it.

  3. I am about 5’3", caucasion, with light brown hair and blue eyes.

  4. I didn’t have much hair until I was about 3 years old, and it’s been at least long enough to put in a ponytail ever since.

  5. I have been north of the Arctic Circle (in the summertime when it doesn’t get dark) and south of the tropic of Cancer.

  6. I do not like the taste of beer or wine.

  7. I have been to Kentucky in July with no air conditioner in the car.

  8. I have been to a Harley-Davidson drag race.

  9. I drink diet beverages whether watching what I eat or not.

  10. I type the “right” way (except numbers).

  11. I have read Frankenstein.

  12. I have been wearing the same pair of earrings ever since I can remember (10 years?) except on special occasions (and I don’t take them out to sleep).

  13. I have played Laser Tag, but not paintball, and the only other type of “firearm” I have fired is a pellet gun.

  14. I was pulled out of the audience to take part in a lumberjack performance. Ditto for a Klondike days saloon-set play and the “official dance” of my resort in the Dominican (see 22.)

  15. I don’t like rollercoasters.

  16. I know the difference between “who” and “whom”, “Betty and me” and “Betty and I” (it’s not always the latter), and that one doesn’t say “different than” (it’s “different from”).

  17. I’ve seen every episode of “The Backyardigans,” many of them 20-30 times).

  18. I love my sleep.

  19. I don’t understand why professional athletes get paid so much.

  20. I never make the bed, except when changing/washing the sheets. It’s not the best use of time and nobody sees it, anyway.

  21. I don’t care for popcorn. Or nuts or coconut, or anything else that hangs around in your mouth, for that matter.

  22. I came up with a list of 99 things about me![/FONT]


:roflhard: Welcome to Blogland! :thumbsup:

I am currently working on the b4 bag, which I saw in the Whatcha Knittin’ section of this forum.

I meant to post both my own picture as well as the sample picture, but for some reason, I only got one!

That is such a cute bag! :yay:


[FONT=“Arial”]I have to travel to my grandfather’s funeral. It would be a 7-8 hour drive, so we decided I would fly and not take my family with me. Even though I have TONS of reward miles, I couldn’t use them, because it’s such short notice. I was able to squeeze in a car rental just in time though. Trying to coordinate things (hotels, etc) with my two sisters, who are flying from another place, and my mother, who is on vacation. Meanwhile, my grandmother is sort of on her own, because her three living children are all over the country, too… Aarrgghh![/FONT]

Will I get some knittin’ time?

I had my uncle’s funeral last week. It’s not fun. I’m sorry about your grandfather. :hug:

Knit on the plane if you can. It can help relax you and give you something to do in the evenings. :thumbsup:

Sorry about your grandfather. :hug:

Sorry about your grandfather. I always find it interesting to see that islanders in Canada are very similar. I have always wanted to visit yours!! When I first saw your location I thought you were on the other side!! Was it the explore program for french? Wasn’t it fun!! Anyway…Thanks for you post! And good luck with your travels.

Sorry about your grandfather.:hug:

Like your new project. Felted bags are great because people are in awe at your prowess and they cover a multitude of mistakes. I’ve made the booga bag a couple of times and the Lucy bag once.

I’m at the point in my project where I now need beads to continue. Getting them is harder than I thought! I don’t live near any store. While away last weekend, I had about 5 minutes in the Wal-mart craft department and about 5 minutes in Michaels, but didn’t really see anything definite. Mothers Day weekend I didn’t get shopping, so hopefully this weekend I’ll find something.

The beads I need are pretty specific in that they have to have a hole big enough for a double strand of yarn (in my case, 4 strands because I am using double strand worsted instead of bulky) because the bead is to be slid onto the stitch. As well, a crochet hook is recommended for this, so the hole has to accommodate the hook, and the hook end itself has to be big enough to pull 2 strands of worsted weight yarn.

In the meantime, I was thinking I’d be going through some knitting withdrawal, so I was wondering what I could do with my stash yarn, but I am finding the week going pretty fast with work, childcare and household duties. And I am putting off my annual Continuing Professional Development requirements, too. I’m such a procrastinator!

Sorry to hear about your grandfather. It’s never easy to loose a loved one.

I enjoyed reading your 100 things, very interesting. Welcome to the blogs. :hug:

Oh boy…it might be hard to find beads that have a hole that large. Do you shop online?

Not sure if this link helps, but this is a store I know and I swear they have everything!!

If it is too expensive to have them ship it ( more than you think it should be) or if they only do large quantities or something let me know and I could ship it to you!

I do shop online. But shipping charges are usually crazy, especially if the item is not very expensive.

But I found some beads this weekend that will accept a 3mm crochet hook, and there was only 75 in the bag for 99 cents, which is better than having 500 beads!

Sorry, I posted the wrong pic, and couldn’t delete it. Here is the right one.

wow thats pretty detailed work! Nice job!

I have seen beads used in knitting but they were put on the yarn before knitting. Never thought to do it this way. I saw the bag pattern you are working on. It’s beautiful!!:heart:

Wow! Are the beads hard to work with?