Wjhere to find 52" #11 Circulars?

I am following a pattern for a vertical stiped scarf and it calls for 52" circulars #11 for 150 cast on stitches. I cannot find these in stores or online. Do I really need 52"?? The yarn is chunky weight. I mmay want to cast on fewer stiches because I don’t want a really long scarg–it’s for an older man. Any suggestions?
Thank you!

I have one that is WAY long, not sure its that long, but it is insanely long
want it?

Are you sure it’s not supposed to be 32"? I did find needles here – 60" size 11 Addi’s. Also found the same size at Yarn Market. They are about the same price, but I didn’t check to see what the shipping would be. Would either of these sites work?

I think you can use a much shorter one - 30-40" ought to be fine. 150 sts on size 11s will probably be 50" wide, but you shouldn’t need it to stretch out the entire width. A circ holds about 2-3 times the length of the cord.

If you already have some size 11 needles and don’t want the expense of buying such a long needle that you may never use again, you could use 2 needles (or even 3). Put as many sitches on one that it will hold, then if it’s still too tight, put the rest of the stitches on a 2nd needle.

:muah: Thanks so much–you guys are great! Aunt Crafty, thank you for the link to Yarn Market. I thought I looked there but nothing came up. I am going to use a shorter circular and cast on fewer stitches and see what happens. Otherwise I will pay more for the needle than the wool.