With the Weather change I'm not very interested

Anyone else have this problem?

I have kind of lost interest in knitting with the beautiful weather.

That’s normal. You can do something else for a bit or just do something simple like a hat just to keep your “finger in the pie” so to speak. That’s what I do when I don’t know what else to do for the time being.

I like to spend time outside too in this wonderful season but I still find time to knit. I do it by cutting back on frivolous activities like cleaning and cooking. And did I mention cleaning?


I’ve been sitting outside to knit if it’s nice. Of course if your choice of outdoor activity involves bike riding, roller blading and the such I’d advise against knitting at the same time. :lol:

I keep on knitting no matter what the weather is like. If I’ve got an afghan that I haven’t finished, then I switch to something smaller because I don’t feel like sweating from under the afghan.

So I usually don’t get as much knitting done as I do in the colder months, but I do get knitting done!!


I wish I could sit outside to knit but I live in an apartment and dont have a balcony. I’d have to go find a park or something.

I definitely knit a lot less when the weather is nice–partly because I lose interest in it and partly because I’m too busy doing other stuff. When the garden or the kayak or the tent or the hiking trail call, I’m gone!

Enjoy the nice weather in any way you can while you can. I’d be willing to bet that your buried knitting desire will burst forth once again come fall!

Still very much knitting weather here. 9degrees celcius wind rain and hail

Back to colder knitting weather again!!! We had about a week of beautiful, spring/summer weather…then it rained all yesterday!!! This week is supposed to be cold & rainy with high temps in the 50’s!

:cheering: for knitting

:waah: for sitting outside!!!


Knitcindy: You can send us ALL your rain! We’re back to dry as a bone where I’m at (after a deliciously wet winter). I’ll even happily put up with the cooler temps if we can just get some rain.

the weather was so crappy today, I ended up picking up the hat I was working on that I haven’t touched in a month and finally finished it. It felt good to have the needles in my hand again.