With one end of yarn A and one end of yarn B, cast on 90sts using the Long Tail Cast On technique

Hi i am new to knitting and have started this throw i took the title to mean use two yarns together? Pattern uses different colours for stripes and i have been doubling up on yarn, done 34 rows and not very big, pattern says do 3 more sets of 34 rows and shawl should measure 115cm but looking at mine its no where near what am i doing wrong?

What is the name and number of the pattern you are making? It might help to see a photo of the finished piece.

Was there a gauge given at the beginning of the pattern which gives information about the number of stitches and rows per 10cm? This is usually given and a suggested needle size, but if you do a swatch (sample piece) and your gauge is not the same size then you can change your needle size to achieve the given gauge. This helps to obtain the correct measurement of the project. If you use different yarn weight, needle size or knit with an individual tension (which most people do) the size will be a bit different.

There is lots of help here if you are not sure how to proceed with this.
It may just be that you were to hold a single yarn rather than double.

hobby craft patter

The tension gauge is 6 stitches and 11 rows of garter stitch with yarn held double to make a 10cm square with size 12mm needles and with the stated yarn.

Are you using the recommended needles and yarn?
Did you do a gauge swatch? Usually this is done bigger than 10cm, say 20cm by 20cm so that you can more accurately measure the centre 19cm square and see how many stitches and rows it took. If you are off gauge usually you change needle size and do another swatch.

I have calculated the given number of stitches to cast on and the number of rows to work and if your tension is the same as given in the pattern then it does work out to the sizes given approx 150cm by 120cm.
It’s not a huge blanket, more cot size or a lap blanket.
Perhaps you were expecting it to be bigger?

You were correct to hold 2 yarns together it does say this in the pattern. So I think if it is coming up smaller than you expect it is either tension or just a smaller blanket than you might have expected?

You could make it longer if you wanted. It does say to repeat the 34 rows to the length you want.

What do you think?

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