Witches Britches for girls

I have been looking for a (free) pattern for witches britches for a 5 year old girl.
The only pattern out there that I can find seems to be in the “Knit2Together” book. And I’m thinking that it is for adults…that and I hate to buy a book if I’m only going to use one pattern.
So, does anyone know where I might find a pattern for girls witches britches or pantaloons?
Thanks for your help.:pray:

IIRC, the pattern in the book is for adults. This one is similar, but again for adults - maybe someone here more experienced could guide you into scaling it down?


Witches Britches?? I love that name!

Debb thanks for the link. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Now I’ll just have to sit and do some math:ick: and try to make it the right size for my daughter.
I may even have to make a pair for me, they are just too cute!!
Thanks again!

get out of the library and copy it

:yay: Just a note to thank you for the link to this “UNMENTIONABLES” pattern .[I][U] Adorable!!:woot: [/U][/I]

I had never heard of these before. They are really cute.

:woot: Thanks for the link, Debb - it’s great to find a pattern that includes plus sizes! :yay: I’m contemplating which pattern I should try first, since Knit2Together’s looks less :???: to this Beginner. Re adjusting the adult sizing :?? for my 5 yr old granddaughters, maybe I’ll make a pair :present: for each d-i-l first! :wink:


I finished the witches britches and they are sooo cute!!:woohoo:
See attached (I hope it worked…we had a little trouble figuring out how to attach a photo from our computer).

Is this right now?

Those are soo cute…I wonder if my dd needs a pair! Great job!!

Libbie :slight_smile:

Those are adorable! good job!

I just got my notice on the new issue of knitty.com and what to my surprise should be the feature pattern this month? Witches Britches for girls!!! Where was this 2 months ago…it would have saved me from doing math:nails:
But check out there pattern. It is so cute!:thumbsup:

I don’t think anyone else has mentioned these. The new edition of www.knitty.com has a pair called “Emma’s unmentionable’s”, actually it is the “cover” of the online magazine.

Check out the www.knitty.com issue right now. They have the unmentionables pattern sized for little girls.