Wishing for Spring!

Remix of some of my flower photos… Yesterday, our temps were in the 70s and Spring fever is rampant! Turn up the sound and hope you enjoy! Mary


Oh! I needed that! We have been enduring the longest, coldest snowiest winter in YEARS…with no end in sight. Freezing rain yesterday, white out snow conditions today…on top of the 18 inches of snow already accumulated.

I miss the grass!

Some of those flowers are beautiful. Watching that makes me quite envious, I think spring will be a long time coming here.

Oh, seriously, I do wish that Mother Nature would quit teasing us with the 70s for a day and then back to the lower, cooler, windier temps like today. I wanna go play in the dirt!!! :waah: I found daffs, crocus, hyacinths poking their lil heads out, repotted a few plants… didn’t mark them, so until they come all the way up, don’t know what they are… my taro tubers are complete mush :pout: Haven’t dug into the cannas yet… they’re tough and should be okay.

We’ve moved from the “city” and a rented house with maybe 1/8 acre to put potted plants on to a 5 acre mini-farm that we own!!! :cheering: :cheering: I am so excited to have the extra planting space. It’s overwhelming but now I can put perennials in the ground and take them out of pots. :woot:

Saturday, I bought my first Caladiums of the season and found some really nice Elephant Ears for planting! Picked up some Dahlias as well. Although it’ll be awhile before I can put the caladiums in the ground, I am soooo excited to have them. The garden centers and even the dollar stores are just loaded with spring and summer bulb varieties at very good prices.

Been out planting some daffodils I moved and they all have blooms. The daffodils are in full bloom here and just gorgeous!

I love daffodils. They are so bright and cheery. Sadly it will be a while before we see them here in the gardens. More snow predicted again for tomorrow.

I am so wishing for spring!! I love having seasons and usually at the end of one I’m ready for the next…but we have had so much snow and ice that I want spring…suppose to get 4 more inches of the white stuff over tonight and tomorrow…still have some left on the ground from Thurs snow/ice storm…I could be ok with this if I lived somewhere else that has this all winter…but this part of OH we usually miss it all but a skiff here and there…this year it’s decided not to miss our section at all:rofl:

Ugh, snow! It’s pretty but I just hate the cold that comes with it. I’d rather be out in the sunshine of Spring. Sister lives in Cincinnati and they get a good bit. We all rush to the grocery store for milk and bread if we see a couple of flakes! Our thing is icestorms! The ONLY reason I like them is because I get to stay home and knit!