Wish me luck

I guess I’m not at the point where I can knit and watch House at the same time. I’m making a baby blanket in a very simple basketweave pattern. Somehow I messed up - dropped a stitch or something. I know how to pick up stitches, but the crazy thing is I have this huge LOOP of yarn near my right needle. I don’t know where it came from or how to fix it. I tried to fix it, but 2 stitches have now dropped down about 4 rows. I think if if I can go a few rows down and place a lifeline, I can then just frog back and start over at that point. I’m just not sure how easy it will be (for me) to place a lifeline in the middle of my work (I’ve only ever placed a lifeline in the row that’s on the needles). So please, wish me luck. I’m halfway done with this baby blanket. I DON’T want to start over at the beginning…

good luck, you can do it!

good luck!!!

Yeah, but…was that a good House episode or what?? :aww:

:thumbsup:You can do it!!

Good luck with the lifeline–they really are lifesavers:teehee: And I have given up knitting and watching House at the same time–Hugh is just too distracting :drool:

Can you believe it!! I forgot House was even on :doh:



Yea, it was! I can’t believe what he did to himself!!! (Don’t want to post a spoiler!)

Thanks, everyone!:muah: