Wish me luck

[COLOR=black][COLOR=black]Going to teach DH how to knit tonight, :frog:whether he wants to or not.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Why.??? :noway:He does not like his job right not, He thought I would be feeling better by now after my Surgery… So he is just mopping around the house. It is driving me nuts. He does not have a hobby… Unless you count watching Porker on TV or playing it online, watching Sports of any kind on TV… Which scares me for when he retires… What I’m I going to do with him all day?:gah:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I oil paint. take a pottery class once a week and I knit daily.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]He is not crafty at all, He did used to make us furniture when we needed it. Now we don’t need any.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I went to Hobby Lobby today and got him his own yarn. Bernat Denim style in green. He likes green. I am about to pull out my hair. So wish me luck tonight.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]stay tune. will update later :passedout:[/COLOR]

Oh my… many well wishes for a successful evening are going out to you.

I can’t wait to read the updates. hee hee

good luck! I’m curious to see how this turns out…

Good luck!!! Let us know how it turns out!

Good luck! When my hubby was in a funk I usually just let him funk it out on his own. He likes computer games and such, so trying to “teach” him something else was not really his thing… But if your DH is up for it, the best to you both!:muah:

Good luck with that! Tell him it’s manly. Remind him of Mean Joe Green, and all those other football guys who knit. And keep us posted!

Can’t wait to hear how he did!!!

O wow!! Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

He did…ok…But I give him credit for even setting there to let me teach him. He did about 3 rolls. I c/O about 25 st. after about 2 rolls he had 30 st.:shrug: and hanging yarn every where… But I did not say a word.

It did not put him a good mood but HOW we knitted did… Ok before you go there read some more.

We usually set in our own chairs to watch TV. So I told him we need to set on the couch. I went to town today so I was dress nice… “v-cut” shirt… He enjoyed the view.:thumbsup:

Well, if nothing else he enjoyed looking at you! And there’s nothing wrong with that! :wink: