Wish me luck lol

I am just startinga sleevless jumper that i am making up as i go along.

never done anything like this before, so should be interesting lol.

i nearly finished a sleevess pattern and got to shaping the v neck to descover the pattern didn’t work :??.

fingers crossed it works


Good Luck :thumbsup:

And good for you for being a fearless knitter! :cheering:

Keep working it, sister! Don’t forget Edison attempted the lightbulb over 1000 times before it ever worked! I am working on finishing up some of my ‘first ever’ sweater projects too!

Be sure to write down everything you’re doing as you go along! That way if you want to/have to repeat it you’ll have it all right there in front of you. And if it doesn’t work the first time it will be easier to make adjustments.

Good luck and have fun!

Good luck Susi! Make sure you post an FO pick when you’re done.