Wish List Challenge!

Christmas is about 4 months away. Yes, I said 4 months away! This year I am giving my family a wish list of things that I would actually like and I am going to include lots of knitting related stuff!

So - the challenge is that I would like to break out and try new yarns and patterns. I was thinking it would be nice to get yarn and a specific pattern to match. Kind of like a gift set for knitters. I’d like to try to avoid having a delicious hank of yarn just sitting in my stash because I can’t find a good pattern for it.

[B]What is a must have yarn in your opinion and what is the perfect pattern to go with it?[/B]

For example: You love knitting with Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn and the perfect pattern is Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth

I think any beautiful, delicious, amazing yarn can look great in the Dream Swatch. Also, I know someone who is making a little bit of cashmere yarn into arm cozies, and that seems the perfect way to use such a decadent yarn!

ETA: That’s just off the top of my head, but I know I’ve got to be able to come up with some good ones!!! lol And I’m sure everyone else will, too, so I’ll definitely be lurking as well!

I am drawing a blank right now, except of course Malabrigo for any kind of scarf, but I will be lurking on this thread for ideas!:yay:

this is what i have already in stash and planned:
i’ll be using malabrigo for peekaboo mittens! that way, i get to see and feel the yarn everytime i wear them (my hands get cold when i drive :slight_smile: )
i am also using plymouth suri alpaca to make a cardi (drive thru sweater) for my dd
fleece artist sea wool in amethyst to make rainy day socks

this is some that i’d like:
araucania natural wool in teal, enought to make a cardigan
fleece artist nova in ruby red for socks :slight_smile:
the sweatheart vest from interweave knits, but i think i want to make it in cascade 220 superwash…

Right now I am looking for the perfect yarn to put on my wish list for the aran aghan you talked about here. I do give my family the list. Some of them follow it like my dd. Others well my seven year old is the rogue. He will go oh mom wants a purse (I be qute specific on things like that) and will go and pick what he likes. I am still carrying the granny purse that won’t die that he got me for Christmas. So my list is hit or miss. I did ask for gift certificates to my lys last Mother’s day. Loved, loved, loved those from the older two. Youngest ds decided that I was getting purple earrings though!

Great list! :cheering: Now I need to do those Peekaboo mittens, and the Drive Thru Sweater is awesome!

I like unusual, nonwool yarns (love, love wool, too!) and I recently got Amy Singer’s No Sheep for You which has a wealth of info on nonwool yarns and some very gorgeous patterns!